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Lesson series are listed in the order in which we would recommend for you to do them.

"See and Do 1" is a good place to get started…a very interesting series of lessons featuring the adventures of Ken & Amy!


Welcome to Kids World!

KIDS WORLD includes lots of free Bible lessons which are valuable for all ages (even teens and adults!), but especially for those up to age 12. For the story of how David & Jonathan got started, see this course:

Here are the courses currently available in Kids World, listed in recommended order:

developing godly kids through Bible-based lessons

See and Do — Series 1

1. The Red Wagon
2. God's Beautiful Garden
3. The Real Meaning of CHRISTmas
4. The Angry Bee
5. Am I Too Little?
6. God's Wonderful Gift
7. God's Beautiful Home


See and Do — Series 2

1. Amy Has Two Birthdays
2. Ken and the BIG Puddle
3. Jesus Answers Prayer
4. The Dark Night
5. Frisky the Runaway Pony
6. Sad and Glad
7. The Broken Clock


stories to help children learn Bible truths for godly living

Storytime — Series 1

NOTE TO PARENTS: you may wish to intersperse lessons from the next series, "Let's Talk About", with these Storytime lessons. Just an optional idea.

1. The Lost Kitten
2. Scrappy Shows the Way
3. The Special Tree
4. The New Boy
5. The Best Gift
6. The Red Truck
7. Randy & Debbie Go Fishing


Storytime — Series 2

1. The Exciting Letter
2. The Grumble Day
3. The Biggest Apple
4. The Little Lie that Grew Big!
5. Mr. Meany
6. Rain, Rain Go Away
7. I'm First


Let's Talk About series

Let's Talk About series

…a very practical series dealing with negative behaviors and how to avoid them

Copyright © 2006 Joy Berry. Used by permission.

1. Being a Bad Sport
2. Being Careless
3. Cheating
4. Complaining
5. Being Destructive
6. Disobeying
7. Being Greedy
8. Being Lazy
9. Lying
10. Being Messy
11. Breaking Promises
12. Being Rude
13. Being Selfish
14. Stealing
15. Teasing
16. Being Wasteful


lessons for children about Jesus, their best friend

Best Friends — Series 1

1. Heaven
2. God Created All Things
3. Where Did Sin Come From?
4. Jesus Died for MY Sins
5. Jesus is Alive Today!
6. You Can Become a Child of God
7. Five Wonderful Things
8. Jesus is My Special Best Friend


Best Friends — Series 2

1. Jesus is "the Christ"
2. Jesus is "the God-Man"
3. Jesus is "the Lamb of God"
4. Jesus is "Lord of All"
5. I am Accepted in Christ
6. How Do I Live the Christian Life?
7. Jesus Wants Me to KNOW I Belong to Him
8.Jesus Wants Me to OBEY Him
9. Jesus Wants Me to PRAY to the Father
10. Jesus Wants Me to BECOME More Like Him
11. Jesus Wants Me to have VICTORY in Him
12. Jesus Wants Me to WIN OTHERS to Him


exploring Bible truths for spiritual growth in kids

Explorers — Series 1

1. What is God Like? - Part 1
2. What is God Like? - Part 2
3. Where Did We Come From?
4. Who is our Enemy?
5. Who is the Promised Savior?
6. Jesus is Alive Today!
7. Four Questions
8. I can Become a Child of God
9. Jesus is Coming Again!
10. Four Things God Wants Me to Know
11. A New Person in Christ
12. God's Greatest Gift


Explorers — Series 2

1. Jesus Christ is GOD
2. Jesus Christ is "LORD of ALL"!
3. God is for Me!
4. I am in the Family of God
6. Christ Lives in Me!
7. My Enemy "the World"
8. My Enemy "Self"
9. My Enemy Satan
10. God Wants to Use ME!
11. You Can Be a Soul-Winner
12. Jesus Loves Me!


The Boy from Brooklyn

The Boy from Brooklyn

…a true story

1. Johnny Hears the Good News
2. Johnny's Heavenly Father Watches over Him
3. God has a Plan for Johnny's Life
4. Johnny Learns to Trust God
5. From Brooklyn Streets to the Amazon Jungle


Think Right, Do Right, Feel Right - important Bible-based lessons for spiritual maturity

Think Right, Do Right, Feel Right

1. Think Right, Do Right, Feel Right
2. What are You Worth?
3. Learning to Accept Myself
4. Learning to Obey
5. Obeying God's Delegated Authorities
6. Listen to Your Conscience!
7. Obey Your Conscience!


lessons about finding and knowing God from Vaughan Durston's own childhood

The Boy and the Cabin (Series 1)

1. I Want to Find God
2. God is All-Powerful
3. God is All-Knowing
4. God's Word Helps Us Grow
5. Grace and Mercy
6. Faith in God
7. God's Great Love for Us
8. Seeing God
9. God is Good
10. God Will Allow Us to be Tested



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