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The little graphics inside the text are inserted so that your child can say the name of that person or thing the next time the graphic appears. Encouraging them to do this will make the lesson more interactive and interesting for them.

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The Mailbox Club presents

See and Do Series 2

Lesson 3

Jesus Answers Prayer

Mother Mother promised to take Ken and Amy ken and amy shopping on Saturday morning. They thought Saturday would never come. ken and amy were excited as they got into the car. They thought it was fun to go shopping.

Ken was happy because Mother was going to buy him a flashlight flashlight. He needed a flashlight for camp because he was going to sleep in a tent outdoors.

There were already many people in the store when they arrived

There were already many people in the store when they arrived. ken and amy found many things to look at. They were so busy looking around that they forgot to watch where Mother was going!

"Where did Mother go?" asked Amy with tears in her eyes.

"Where did Mother go?" asked Amy with tears in her eyes. They could not see Mother. "What are we going to do?" asked Amy. "I think we are lost!" Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Don't cry," said Ken. "Mother cannot be far away. Remember, the Bible says that the Lord Jesus is with us always, and He will help us."

"How?" sobbed Amy. Ken held Amy's hand a little tighter and said, "We can pray to Jesus." Ken closed his eyes and prayed, "Dear Lord Jesus, we are lost. Please, help us find Mother. Thank You, Jesus."

Amy stopped crying. Ken thought for a moment and said, "Let us ask someone where they sell flashlights flashlights. Maybe Mother will be there." They asked a sales clerk, and she pointed over by the door. They found the flashlights, but did not see their mother.

they saw Mother and a policeman coming towards them

ken and amy waited anxiously. In a little while, they saw Mother and a policeman coming towards them.

"Here they are," said Mother. ken and amy raced toward Mother and gave her a big hug. They were so happy to see her. Mother thanked the policeman for helping her find the children.

ken and amy told Mother that they had prayed, and the Lord Jesus helped them find her. Mother was so glad to hear that they had prayed.

"I am happy that Jesus Jesus is our friend," said Ken.

Amy skipped happily after Mother as they all went over to the counter. Mother bought Ken a flashlight as she had promised.

"We are sorry that we did not watch where you were going, Mother," said Ken. "We were busy looking at so many things."

"I am sorry, too, children," answered Mother. "I was in a hurry, but I should have noticed that you were not right with me. I am so thankful that the Lord Jesus protected you and answered your prayer so quickly."

Ken asked, "Does Jesus always answer our prayers so quickly?"

"No," said Mother. "Sometimes He lets us wait and wait. He wants us to be patient and learn to trust in Him."

Mother took out some milk and cookies

When they arrived back home, Mother took out some milk and cookies, and they all sat down at the table to talk about the day.

"Children, when you ask me for some cookies in the afternoon, do I always say, 'Yes'?"

"Sometimes you say 'No'," said Ken.

"And sometimes you say we can have some later," added Amy.

"That is correct," said Mother. "I do that because I know what is best for you. It is the same with Jesus. He wants the best for you. Please remember, children, Jesus always answers our prayers, in His time! Sometimes He says 'Yes', and sometimes He says 'No', and sometimes He wants us to wait for the answer.

"We might think that Jesus does not hear our prayers when we don't get an answer right away. But He always hears our prayers!

"Sometimes a 'No' answer is better for us, and often it is important for us to learn to wait."

"I am so glad that Jesus is our friend," Ken said.

"And that He loves us so much," added Amy.

Ken thanked Mother again for the new flashlight and put it away. Then ken and amy went outside to play with their friends.

Ken and Amy went outside to play with their friends

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John 16:24 memory verse


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