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My Bookmark Page

Use this page to see a listing of all the lessons you have already done or to go quickly to your next lesson. If you want to see a history listing of all your completed lessons, just go to the bottom of this page, enter your User ID and password, and then click on the "Lesson History" button.

Whenever you finish a quiz for any lesson in our 4 main sections, we automatically "bookmark" your record so you can easily go on to the next lesson in your current series.

PLEASE NOTE: We have recently changed the way the courses are arranged below.

First, look at the course names listed below to locate the course you have been working on last before selecting the button.

Then, please specify your series by selecting the checkbox shown for that set of courses:

Mailbox Club courses for KIDS

  • See and Do
  • Storytime
  • Best Friends
  • Explorers
  • Think Right! Do Right!

Other courses for KIDS

  • Let's Talk About
  • The Boy from Brooklyn
  • The Boy and the Cabin (1)
  • Know Your Bible — Level 1
  • Know Your Bible — Level 2
  • Know Your Bible — Level 3
  • Know Your Bible — Level 4

Mailbox Club courses for YOUTH

  • A Country Called Heaven
  • Overcomers
  • Winners (1)
  • Timely Topics for Teens
  • Winners (2)
  • Understanding True Love

Other courses for YOUTH

  • The Boy and the Cabin (2)
  • Does Christianity Differ from other World Religions?
  • Teen Issues
  • Majoring in Life
  • Bible Stories from Moody
  • David and Goliath
  • Famous Bible Parables
  • Famous Bible Stories

Mailbox Club ADVANCED courses

  • The Way to Heaven
  • New Life in Christ II
  • New Life in Christ III
  • Practical Christian Living
  • God's Great Salvation

Other ADVANCED courses

  • All About Me — the Big #1
  • Light from the Old Testament
  • Survey of the Scriptures
  • Genesis Patriarchs
  • Book of Judges
  • Character by Character

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