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Registration Problems

"I can't get the registration to work."

First, make sure that you have entered information in all the required fields (these are marked with an asterisk * in front).

If you have completed all those fields and the registration still won't work, the problem is almost certainly caused by putting into the “User ID” field something which is already in use by one of our other 60,000+ students. When you do this, the registration does not go through and you will notice that the Password field is now blank, waiting for you to first enter a different User ID. Please try a different User ID—if possible something you think would be unique for you, but still within the 8-character limit. You may need to try a few different possibilities before the registration is accepted.

"I completed all the necessary fields on the registration form but when I pressed "Submit" my selected password disappeared without any message saying that my password was invalid. I tried it several times with different passwords and it still did not work."

The problem is that your User ID is one which is already in use by one of our other students. Please try using a different User ID (you could still use the same password). You may need to try a few different possibilities before the registration is accepted.

Signing in and out

"Is there a place to sign out?"

Registration does not give access to the online lessons, all of which are freely available, so the only "signing in" is done on Question Pages when answering the quizzes. That simply ensures that your answers are recorded in your own student record so that your points can be accumulated. As points are earned, they trigger award certificates at specific point levels, which you can then open/download/print.

No "signing out" is required or involved in the system because the "signing in" on the Question Pages only applies to submitting the answers for that particular Lesson.

Lesson Pages

"I want to do some lessons but I don't know where to start."

The lessons are divided into three main sections based on age: Kids World (ages 5–12), Youth World (ages 13–18), and Advanced (mature teens and adults). Choose any of these sections according to your age and begin with the first course listed. All the courses in Kids World and Youth World are listed in order from younger to older. The Advanced section is not ordered as strictly though it is probably best to do "New Life in Christ II", "New Life in Christ III" and "Practical Christian Living" in that order.

There is also a fourth section: Bible Exploration. There are courses here for all ages and are designated accordingly. The "Know Your Bible" courses are designed for children in grades 1, 2, 3 and 4. The other courses here are not in any age-related order.

This doesn't mean that you can only do courses for your own age level. You are free to work on any of them though we recommend that you begin in a course appropriate to your age or maturity.

"I clicked a link to go to a lesson but the lesson page would not open."

This problem could be caused by a number of things. We would recommend that you first "refresh" your browser (normally by pressing F5 a few times). If that doesn't work you could try using a different browser (eg. Firefox or Chrome.)

"I would like to copy/print some of your lessons for use with my Sunday School (or other group)."

All the lessons on our site are copyrighted and therefore may not be used in this way without permission. If the lesson you wish to use has a "Mailbox Club" logo in the sidebar, please contact them directly with your specific request information ( If the lesson does not include the Mailbox Club logo, please , again with specific information about your request.

"I forget what lesson I was working on last time. How do I go to the next lesson?"

Just go to the "My Bookmark" page, click on the radio button beside whichever course you were working on last. Then enter your User ID and Password at the bottom and click the "Bookmark" link to go to your next lesson in that course. You can also come to this page any time and review your lesson history by filling in your User ID and Password, and then clicking on the "Lesson History" button.

Use of Graphics

"I would like to use a specific graphic in a presentation or in print."

The graphics we use on our website are all copyrighted and used by us under specific licensing agreements. However, we can often provide you either with the permission you need or with information as to where you can purchase your own copy of the graphic(s). Please with your specific request, telling us exactly which lesson you're look at and which graphic(s) in particular you wish to use.

Here are some sites we would recommend for Bible-related images:

* Free Illustrated Bible

* Free Bible Images

* The Glory Story

* Oxygen Ministries/SermonView

Question Pages

"After I submit my answers the next page shows that I have answered 5 (or some other number) incorrectly. But I'm sure I didn't get that many wrong."

On the Question Pages, after you enter your User ID and password and then complete the answers and press “Submit”, the system will produce an automatic page showing you whether you passed the quiz and can go on to the next lesson. The system allows you to get one question wrong (and only one) and still proceed to the next lesson. In this case, you will see one number next to "Questions answers incorrectly". That number refers to the Question number which was answered incorrectly. However, if you go back to the Question Page to change this one answer, the system will not give you the "results" page again and the link to any award earned at this level, because it expected you to go on to the next lesson as it already gave you permission to do so. Therefore, if you see just one number on the first results page, click on the link to your award (if any) and then come back to this page and click on the link to go to your next lesson.

If you answered more than one question incorrectly, then the NUMBERS of the incorrect questions will be shown so that you can GO BACK to the Question Page and change your answers for those questions. Then you can press “Submit” again and you should then see a “Congratulations” message and get a link to your award (if any) and a link to your next lesson.

"When I click "Submit" I get this error message: Sorry! According to our records you have already completed this lesson."

*All lessons must be done in order.

*No lesson can be repeated with the same log-in.

*The system allows a student (and instructs them) to go on to the next lesson if they have all the answers correct or make only one mistake. In those cases, if the student goes back at that point to look at the Question Page again and then clicks on “Submit” again, the system will return the error message you saw. If a student makes two or more errors in their answers, the system will instruct them to go back and make corrections before it will allow the student to proceed to the next lesson.

*Please NOTE: only click the "Submit" button ONCE. If you click it more than once, you will get this error message.

"I tried to submit answers for a lesson and I got this error message: Sorry! According to our records, you have not yet completed the previous lessons in this course. Please go back and do the lower-numbered lessons before you try this one."

This error occurs when a student tries to do a lesson out of order. The system requires that all lessons must be done in sequential order, beginning with Lesson 1 (then 2, 3, 4, etc.)

"I'm getting this error message: Sorry! The number of answers submitted does not correspond to the number of answers in the answer key."

This can happen if you didn't select an answer for one or more questions. If you continue to receive this error message, please contact our WebServant telling us exactly which course and lesson you were working on.


"I can't open or print the award."

The awards are in Adobe PDF format. Please make sure that you have this free software (or an equivalent PDF software) installed on your computer. Please go to this website and click the yellow “Download now” button (you can uncheck the McAfee installation as this is not required at all). Then follow the Adobe directions. Once this Adobe Reader is installed on your computer you will be able to open and print any PDF files like the awards.

"I missed getting one of the awards."

Please to tell us about this problem. Give us your Username when you write and we'll give you the web page you need.

Audio Files

"When I click on the button for an audio file it doesn't work."

The audio files on our site are provided in three different formats, one of which should work with your browser. When the audio doesn't work it is usually a problem with the browser. In these cases, we would recommend that you update your browser to the latest version (usually found in the "Help" — "About" section in your browser). If your computer is using Windows XP we would recommend that you get the free Google Chrome browser which should work well in that version of Windows.

Other issues

If you have any other problems using our site, please .


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