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The Program: Course Listings

  • Program Links
    • The Program - what is it?
    • Read testimonies from many of our students
    • Benefits of the Program
    • How does it work?
    • What does it cost?
    • Course Listings
    • Get lessons by mail
    • Signup for free online lessons
    • Resources for other ministries
    • How to get involved
    • Resources for Camp Discipleship
    • Use of the Mailbox Club lessons
    • Promotional cards

Courses especially for mature teens and adults

Bible-based lessons especially for adults and mature teens (Courses marked with "*" are also available on our website)

*All About Me—the Big #1

Part 1:

  1. The Fall of Satan
  2. The Kingdom of Darkness
  3. The Kingdom of Light
  4. The Objectives of the Flesh
  5. The Sins of the Flesh
  6. The Answer to the Self Life
  7. The Results of Living in the Spirit

Part 2:

  1. Three Kinds of Men
  2. The Natural Man Needs
  3. The Carnal Man Needs
  4. The Fruit of the Spirit
  5. The Results of Living for Christ
  6. How to Deal with the Flesh Around Us
  7. What Breaks Fellowship

Part 3:

  1. Delighting in Life's Disciplines
  2. One Body in Christ
  3. The Local Church
  4. Parachurch
  5. Power
  6. Secular Humanism
  7. Christianity


*The Boy and the Cabin (part 2)

  1. Finding the Mirror
  2. Getting Wheels
  3. Know the Lord, Seeing the Works of the Lord
  4. Doing what is Right in the Eyes of the Lord
  5. Work! Work! Work! Is that all we ever do?
  6. Growing Registered Seed
  7. Spraying the Weeds
  8. What are you going to be when you grow up?
  9. Going to Bible College
  10. Meeting the Girl of my Dreams


*Winners (series 2)

  1. Forgiven and Loved
  2. Justified Freely
  3. I am a New Person!
  4. Christ is My Righteousness
  5. I am a Son of God!
  6. I have everything in Christ
  7. Who am I?
  8. Learning to Accept Myself
  9. Gaining a Clear Conscience
  10. Learning to Respect Authority
  11. My Enemy "the World"
  12. My Enemy "the Flesh"
  13. My Enemy SATAN
  14. Consecration
  15. I have a new Power!
  16. "Be Filled with the Spirit"
  17. Get Your Tools Ready
  18. Win Others to Christ!
  19. The Life that Wins
  20. Don't Waste Your Life


*Understanding True Love

  1. What is Love?
  2. Three Kinds of Love
  3. Wait Until Marriage
  4. Understanding the Sex Drive
  5. The 5 Laws of Guy-Girl Relationships (1)
  6. The 5 Laws of Guy-Girl Relationships (2)
  7. Dating—the Benefits and Dangers
  8. Satan's #1 Target
  9. The Priceless Gift
  10. AIDS—how to be safe
  11. Love is more than a Beautiful Feeling
  12. Ten Pitfalls and how to Avoid Them
  13. How to Experience God's Love (1)
  14. How to Experience God's Love (2)
  15. Identifying Real Love
  16. Choosing Wisely


Love, Dating & Sex (what teens want to know)

  1. What is Real Love?
  2. Love...or Infatuation?
  3. How Can I Attract Someone of the Opposite Sex?
  4. What is the Sex Drive?
  5. The Priceless Gift
  6. The Law of Attraction
  7. The Law of Self-Image
  8. The Law of Difference
  9. The Law of Progression
  10. The Law of Harvest
  11. Bitter Fruit
  12. Russian Roulette
  13. AIDS: How to be Safe
  14. 9 Facts about Premarital Sex
  15. Dating
  16. How to Rate with your Date
  17. What about Going Steady?
  18. "I Don't Date"
  19. How Far is "Too Far"?
  20. How to Say "No"
  21. "That's a Line!"
  22. Date Rape
  23. "I've Been Sexually Abused..."
  24. Secondary Virginity
  25. "I'm Somebody!"
  26. Peer Pressure
  27. The Voice of Experience
  28. Just for Girls
  29. Just for Boys


Love, Dating and Marriage

  1. What is Love? – and – The Three Kinds of Love
  2. Ten Reasons You Should Wait Until Marriage – and – Understanding the Sex Drive
  3. Dating – and – How to Say No
  4. Love is More Than a Beautiful Feeling – and – Ten Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  5. How to Experience God's Love (parts 1 & 2)
  6. How Can I Tell if it's Real Love? – and – Choosing Wisely


*Majoring in Life

  • a young adult's guide to faith, friendship, freedom and other stuff that won't show on your resume
  • especially geared to high school grads
  • 30 great lessons written by Manfred Koehler in a style that hits 21st Century teens where they live
  • in 10 booklets and in our online lessons
  1. Seeing Jesus at Your Graduation
  2. A FedEx from Heaven?
  3. Don't Forget to Forgive
  4. On Your Own - But Not Alone
  5. Finding New Friends
  6. Friends with Fangs
  7. Chewing on God's Word
  8. A Sunday Morning Drive
  9. Jesus with a Jacket
  10. Go for the Gold
  11. No Sweat
  12. Wrong Risks, Right Risks
  13. Each Stick had a Name
  14. So Your Parents Aren't Perfect
  15. Burnt Out on Phony Christians
  16. Master of Murder, Lord of Lies
  17. Spotting Satan's Smiles
  18. Money Under My Mattress
  19. Gambling is for Losers
  20. No Time to Waste
  21. Living Above the Little Sins
  22. Temptation to be "Large & in Charge"
  23. In His Image, Walking Tall
  24. Watch Your Eyes
  25. Watch Your Wardrobe
  26. Too Hot to Handle
  27. Still Waiting for Miss Right
  28. Greater Expectations
  29. Making Sense out of Suffering
  30. Jesus, Your Major for Life


*The New Life in Christ III

  1. Creation
  2. Creation of Man
  3. Satan
  4. The Fall of Man
  5. In Adam (sin)
  6. God's Second Man
  7. The New Birth
  8. In Christ (forgiveness, acceptance, and a future)
  9. A New Relationship
  10. A New Kingdom
  11. A New Master
  12. A New Power
  13. Love Not the World
  14. Victory Over Satan
  15. How to Live the Christian Life
  16. Consecration
  17. One Body in Christ
  18. The Local Church
  19. The Great Commission
  20. Approved unto God
  21. Leading Souls to Christ
  22. Prayer and Warfare
  23. How to Overcome Temptation
  24. Victory in Christ
  25. Jesus is Coming...Soon


*Course IV - Practical Christian Living

  1. Facts, Faith, Feelings
    How to be Sure You are Saved
    The Best Choice
  2. Overcoming Feelings of Inferiority
    Learning to Accept Myself
    Why Isn't Christ Real to Me?
  3. Gaining a Clear Conscience (parts 1 & 2)
    God's Discipline
  4. God's Authority
    God's Delegated Authority
    God's Chastening
  5. Understanding our Deepest Needs (parts 1 & 2)
    Learning to be Content
  6. Dealing with Anger
    Reaction and Resentment
    Turning from Bitterness to Forgiveness
  7. Building Right Relationships (parts 1 & 2)
    Love One Another
  8. Managing our Finances
    God's Guidelines for Giving
    The Christian's Secret for a Happy Life


*Course V - God's Great Salvation

  1. God's First Man
  2. God's Second Man
  3. The Death of the God-Man
  4. God's Mighty Victory
  5. God's New Creation
  6. God's Called-Out Assembly
  7. Sanctified in Christ Jesus
  8. Forgiven Forever!
  9. Justified Freely by His Grace
  10. Made Righteous in Christ
  11. Sonship
  12. God's New Covenant
  13. God's Great Plan
  14. God's Blessed Hope
  15. How to Enjoy God (part 1)
  16. How to Enjoy God (part 2)


*Survey of the Scriptures

  • a 10-lesson graphic journey, with narration, through every book of the Bible; available only in our online lessons
  • excellent both for new Christians and those wanting to understand the overall themes of the Scriptures
  • originally produced by Moody Bible Institute as a filmstrip series


*Light from the Old Testament

  1. Noah, Tower of Babel, Isaac, the Genealogy of Christ, etc.
  2. Jacob, Joseph, Moses, the Passover, etc.
  3. The Manna, the Commandments, etc.
  4. The Tabernacle
  5. The Tabernacle (continued)


Basic Bible Doctrines

  1. Repentance
  2. Faith
  3. Regeneration
  4. Justification
  5. Adoption
  6. Prayer
  7. Sanctification
  8. Glorification


How to be a Soul Winner

The Spirit World

  1. The Origin and Character of Angels
    The Ministry and Work of Angels
  2. Satan's Origin and Names
    Satan's Method and Doom
    Fallen Angels and Demons
  3. Witchcraft and Occultism Today
    Satan and Present-Day Cults
    Defeating Satan


The Gospel of John

  1. Volume I - covers chapters 1 through 11
  2. Volume II - covers chapters 12 through 21


A Journey Through Romans

Understanding Your Salvation

*The Way to Heaven

(a large print edition - for adults; the online course contains 6 additional lessons)

  1. What is God Like? (part 1)
  2. What is God Like? (part 2)
  3. How Sin came into the World
  4. The Savior Sent From God
  5. Why did Jesus Die?
  6. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  7. What must I do to be Saved? (part 1)
  8. What must I do to be Saved? (part 2)



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