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See and Do Series 2

Lesson 6

Sad and Glad

Ken Ken wished that he could play outside. But he was sick with the chicken pox.

Mother Mother and Ken were watching Amy Amy and her friends play in the yard.
Ken was very sad. He knew he could not go outside until his chicken pox was all gone. The doctor said he had to stay in for three more days.

Ken was very sad

Amy tried to make Ken happy. "Look at me," she called to Ken, "I am jumping like a rabbit."

But Ken did not smile. He was still sad.

Amy looked up in the tree and saw a squirrel.

"Ken," she called, "Watch me climb the tree. I am a squirrel."

Up and up Amy climbed. But suddenly her foot slipped! Down, down, down she fell!

Amy started to cry. She was scared and her arm hurt, too.

Mother took Amy to see the doctor.

Ken waited and waited for them to come home. It seemed like a long time. When they came home, Amy's arm was in a sling.

"I was trying to make you glad," said Amy to Ken, sitting down on his bed

"I was trying to make you glad," Amy said to Ken, sitting down on his bed, "and now my arm hurts, and I am sad, too."

"If the Lord Jesus Jesus were here on earth, maybe He would make us well," said Ken. "He healed many people when He was here on earth."

"Yes," said Amy, "I wish we could have seen Him."

she poured a glass of milk for Ken and Amy

"We will see the Lord Jesus," said Mother as she poured a glass of milk for Ken and Amy.

"I know that," said Ken sadly, "but we have to wait until after we die to see Him in Heaven."

"Maybe not," said Mother with a smile. "The Lord Jesus will come back to the earth again, and it could be any time soon."

"How do we know that He is coming back?" asked Amy.

"We know because the Lord Jesus says so in the Bible Bible," answered Mother. "Before Jesus went back to Heaven, He told His disciples that He would go and prepare a place for them. He also told them that He would come again and receive them unto Himself.

"Then one day," continued Mother, "after Jesus rose from the dead, He was with His disciples on a mountain. He told them that He was going back to Heaven. Then, as they watched, He went up, up, up into the sky.

The disciples watched until they could no longer see Him

"The disciples watched until they could no longer see Him. Jesus had gone back to Heaven to be with His Father.

"While the disciples were standing there looking into the sky, two men in shining white clothes appeared to them. The men told them that Jesus would come back in the same way that they had seen Him go up to Heaven.

"The Bible tells us that Jesus is coming back some day and how it will happen."

"That will be wonderful," said Amy. "Then He can make sick people well."

"Oh," said Mother, "Jesus will do something much better than that! The Bible tells us that He will give us brand new bodies, and He will take us to Heaven with Him. We will never be sick again!"

Jesus is coming back

"Does anyone know when Jesus is coming back?" asked Amy.

"No, nobody knows when Jesus will come back," replied Mother. "That is the reason why it is so important to know that we belong to Him and that we are ready to meet Him whenever He comes back."

"I am so glad that I belong to Jesus," said Ken. "I took Him as my Savior, and He is in my heart."

"I am so glad that He lives in my heart, too," said Amy, "and I can't wait until Jesus comes back."

Ken and Amy were no longer sad. They had forgotten about the chicken pox and the hurt arm. They smiled as they finished their milk.

Mother smiled too. She was so thankful that her children belonged to God's family.

All of them were very glad because they knew that some day the Lord Jesus would come back and take them to Heaven with Him.

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