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See and Do Series 2

Lesson 7

The Broken Clock

It was Saturday morning. A big box had arrived, addressed to Father Father. Ken Ken and Amy Amy were wondering what was in it. "It sure looks interesting," said Ken. "Father had to go to the store, but he will be back soon."

Father arrived soon. Ken and Amy could hardly wait until he unpacked the box.

father opened the box

Soon Father opened the box, and in it was a beautiful clock clock. Father wound the clock and placed it on the shelf.

Ken had never seen a clock like this before. He could not take his eyes off of it. Father saw how Ken was looking at the clock and said to him, "Do not play with the clock. You might break it."

Later Father went to play golf with a friend. Mother Mother and Amy went shopping. Ken was left alone for a while. What was Ken thinking about? He was thinking about the clock! Soon Ken was playing with the clock, thinking, "I will not break it. I just want to see how it works."

Ken was enjoying playing with the clock

Ken was enjoying playing with the clock, when he heard a strange noise from inside the clock. It stopped working. Ken tried and tried to make it work again, but he could not. The clock was broken! Ken was miserable.

Soon Father came back. Right away he noticed that the clock was not working. He asked Ken, "Did you play with my clock? "

Ken hung his head and answered, "Yes, Father, I did, and I broke your clock, but I did not mean to."

but you disobeyed me. You cannot go outside and play

"I know you did not mean to break it," said Father, "but you disobeyed me. You cannot go outside and play. Instead, I want you to go to your room and stay there until I call you."

Ken was not happy at all. He knew that his Father was not pleased with him. He also knew that the Lord Jesus Jesus was not pleased with him because he had disobeyed his Father.

Ken thought about what he had learned from the Bible Bible. He knew that the Bible tells us that when we do something wrong, we need to tell the Lord Jesus about it and ask Him to forgive us. So he bowed his head and prayed, "Lord Jesus, I know that I did wrong when I disobeyed my Father. I am really sorry. Please forgive me."

Meanwhile, Father was not happy either. He loved his son, but Ken had sinned when he disobeyed, and he had to be punished.

Father fixed the clock himself. Then he went up to Ken's room. As soon as Ken saw his Father, he started crying and said, "Dad, I am so sorry that I disobeyed you and broke your clock. I wish I could fix it, but I don't know how. Please forgive me."

Father took Ken into his arms, hugged and kissed him

Father took Ken into his arms, hugged and kissed him. Then he said, "Yes, I forgive you. I fixed the clock myself. You can come out now."

Soon the whole family was sitting around the table. "Children," said Father, "I want to explain something to you. When Ken disobeyed me, he was still my son, and I still loved him. But his disobedience came between us, and both of us were unhappy.

"This is what happens when we disobey our heavenly Father. We are still His child, and He still loves us. But our sin comes between God God and us. God is not pleased, and we are unhappy.

"God tells us in the Bible that we need to confess our sins to Him. This means that we must be sorry for the wrong we did. And we must be sorry enough that we do not want to do it again. We should confess our sin to God as soon as we know that we did wrong.

"God loves to forgive us, but there is something that pleases him even more. It is loving His Son, the Lord Jesus, and doing the things that He tells us to do. In the Bible Jesus tells us what is right and what is wrong in His sight."

"I knew that I was doing wrong when I disobeyed you, Dad, because the Bible says, 'Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.' But what about things that are not mentioned in the Bible?"

Father answered, "The way to decide about these things is to ask yourself, in each situation, 'Would Jesus like to see me do this ?' If you think He would like to see you do it, then you can do it. But if you think Jesus would not like to see you do it, DO NOT DO IT!"

if we have taken Jesus as our Savior, He is living in our heart

"We must remember," added Father, "that if we have taken Jesus as our Savior, He is living in our heart. If we really love the Lord Jesus, we will want to please Him at all times."

"And it will make us happy, too," said Ken.

"That is correct," said Father. "The Lord Jesus says in the Bible, 'If you know these things, happy are you if you do them.'"

Learn this verse so you can say it:

Psalm 119:160 memory verse



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