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See and Do Series 1

Lesson 6

God's Wonderful Gift

Amy stamped her foot

Amy Amy stamped her foot. "Why can't I have a new dress dress for Easter? I don't like this old pink dress dress any more."

Mother Mother answered, "Your pink dress was new last year, and it still fits you. I will iron it and put new buttons on it. Then you will like it better."

But Amy still did not like it. She still wanted a new dress, and she was very unhappy.

She looked into the mirror and frowned

Amy was still unhappy when Easter Sunday came. She put on her pink dress. She looked into the mirror and frowned.

"Why are you not happy?" asked Mother.

"I wish I had something new at Easter," said Amy.

Mother put her arms around Amy and said, "Amy, there is something much more important to think about at Easter than a new dress. Easter is the day when the Lord Jesus Jesus rose from the dead."

Amy did not answer. Ken had listened to Amy and Mother talk. He thought and thought and suddenly and excitedly, he said, "Oh,Amy, you do have something new!"

Amy did not understand and asked, "What do I have that is new?"

Ken answered, "You have a wonderful new gift that God gave you! When you asked Jesus to come into your heart, God took away your sins and gave you a wonderful gift."

"What gift?" asked Amy.

"God gave you a new kind of life," said Ken. "The Bible Bible calls it 'everlasting life,' and we receive it the moment we take the Lord Jesus as our Savior. The Bible says in Romans 6:23, 'The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal [everlasting] life through Jesus Christ our Lord.'"

"Yes," said Mother. "The reason God can give us everlasting life is because His Son, the Lord Jesus, died for our sins. He was buried, but on the third day He rose again. That was the first Easter! The important thing about Easter is not the parties, or the new clothes, or the Easter eggs.

Jesus was buried, but on the third day He rose again

"We celebrate Easter because Jesus rose from the dead! He has everlasting life, and He gives us everlasting life when we believe on Him."

"But how do we know for sure that we have everlasting life?" asked Amy.

"We know for sure because God says so in the Bible," said Ken. "Remember the verse we learned in Sunday School, 'He that believes on the Son has everlasting life.' Everything God says in the Bible is true, He would never tell us a lie. You believe on the Lord Jesus, don't you, Amy?"

"Yes, I do," said Amy excitedly. "I took the Lord Jesus as my Savior the day I fell into the creek and was sorry for the wrong things I did.

"But what does it mean that we have everlasting life? Does it mean that we are never going to die?"

"No, it does not mean that," said Mother. "Our body is like a house we live in. When we die, our body goes into a grave, but our soul goes to Heaven to be with the Lord Jesus. The Bible tells us that one day, God will raise our body from the dead and will give us a new body—one that will never die.

"God has a wonderful book in Heaven. It is called 'The Lamb's Book of Life.' Jesus is 'the Lamb of God,' so it is His Book.

"When you take the Lord Jesus as your Savior, He writes your name in His Book.

The Lamb's Book of Life

"All people who have their names written in 'The Lamb's Book of Life' will live with God in Heaven forever and ever. Aren't you glad, Amy, that you have everlasting life?"

Amy smiled and said, "Oh, yes! That is the best gift of all. Now I know that everlasting life is better than a new dress at Easter or anything!"

Boys and Girls,

Do you know that you have everlasting life? Are you sure that your name is written in "The Lamb's book of Life"?

tell the Lord Jesus that you love Him

If you are not sure, tell the Lord Jesus that you love Him, that you are sorry for your sins (the wrong things you have done), and that you believe that He died for your sins and rose again to be your Savior. Ask the Lord to come into your heart to be your Savior.

Remember, Jesus wants to be your Savior! He loves you more than you can ever know. He is waiting for you to ask Him to come into your heart!

Learn this verse so you can say it:

John 3:36 memory verse



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