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See and Do Series 1

Lesson 7

God's Beautiful Home

We are going to visit Grandmother

"Hurry, children," said Mother Mother. "We are going to visit Grandmother Grandmother. She has been sick."

Ken Ken and Amy Amy were excited, and soon they were on their way.

"I hope Grandmother gets well soon," Amy said. "She always tells us wonderful stories about Jesus Jesus."

When they arrived at Grandmother's house, she looked very pale, but she smiled when she saw Ken and Amy.

I am so glad you came to see me

"I am so glad you came to see me," said Grandmother. "I have missed you."

"Oh, Grandma," said Amy, "We are so sorry that you have been sick."

"We love you so much," said Ken. "And we want you to get well soon."

"I want to get well too," said Grandmother. "But I cannot be sure that I will. You know I am getting very old."

Ken and Amy were quiet as they thought about what Grandmother had said. "But what if you die, Grandma?" asked Amy.

"I am not afraid to die," said Grandmother. "I took the Lord Jesus as my Savior when I was just five years old, the same age as you, Amy. I have known and loved the Lord Jesus ever since. I am looking forward very much to being with Him in Heaven."

"What will happen when you die, Grandma?" asked Ken.

Grandmother answered, "When I die, my body will be buried, but my body is just the 'house' I live in. My soul will go to Heaven to be with the Lord Jesus."

"I have always wondered what Heaven is like," said Ken. "Can you explain it, Grandma?"

"Heaven is God's home," answered Grandmother. "The Bible Bible tells us that Heaven is more beautiful than we can ever imagine. Perhaps the best way to explain Heaven to you is to tell you about some things that will not be in Heaven and some that will be there.

we will not need the sun or the moon

"Heaven is so bright from God's glory that it will be light all the time and never dark. That means we will not need the sun sun or the moon moon.

"There will be no medicine medicine in Heaven because no one will ever be sick. There will be no tombstones tombstone because no one will ever die.

"No one will ever do anything wrong. That means there will be no sin sin, no hate, and no fighting in Heaven."

"Tell us about the things that will be in Heaven," Ken said excitedly.

"There will be many angels angels, more than we can count. There will be a beautiful street of gold, a sparkling river of pure, clean water and trees trees on each side of the river. The Bible, God's Word will be there.

That is why I call Heaven 'God's Beautiful Home.'

"All the people people who have trusted the Lord Jesus as their Savior will be there. They will all have love in their hearts, and they will live in homes more beautiful than anything we could ever imagine. That is why I call Heaven 'God's Beautiful Home.'

"The most wonderful thing of all is that Jesus will be there! He loved us so much that He left Heaven many years ago and came to earth.

"Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we could be forgiven and live in Heaven with Him forever and ever.

"Jesus called Heaven 'My Father's house.' Jesus says in the Bible, 'In My Father's house [Heaven] are many mansions [beautiful homes]…I go to prepare a place for you.'

"Heaven is my home," Grandmother said with a big smile. "And because both of you have taken Jesus as your Savior, Heaven is also your home."

When it was time to go home, Ken and Amy thanked Grandmother for telling them all about God's Beautiful Home.

Heaven - God's beautiful home

Boys and Girls,

Have you taken the Lord Jesus as your Savior? If so, we would like to know about it. If you took Him as your Savior while you were taking these See and Do lessons, please tell us in the space at the bottom of the Questions page.

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