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UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

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The Mailbox Club presents

See and Do Series 1

Lesson 2

God's Beautiful Garden

Ken Ken and Amy Amy pulled the weeds weeds in the flower garden.

Ken and Amy pulled the weeds in the flower garden

"Ouch! Ouch!" cried Amy. "This one has sharp thorns thorns. It scratched my hand!"

Ken hated the flower garden. He grumbled, and when he thought that no one was looking, he pulled up some flowers.

Just then Father Father came out of the house. "Keep working," said Father. "The flower garden will be beautiful."

"I am hot and tired," said Amy. "My hand hurts, and I am not happy."

"Come," said Father, "I will tell you about a garden that had no weeds and no thorns. It was the most beautiful garden in all the world!"

"God Himself planted this garden. God put Adam and Eve Adam and Eve in this garden. God told them that they could eat the fruit from every tree except from one special tree. God told them that if they disobeyed Him and ate the fruit of that tree, they would die.

Adam and Eve were so happy in this beautiful garden

"Adam and Eve were so happy in this beautiful garden! They had everything they needed. They were never sick or sad, and they were never bad. In the evening God came down to walk and talk with them. This was the best thing of all.

"God was pleased with His beautiful world. He looked at everything that He had created and saw that it was very good.

"But now many things are not beautiful anymore. There is sin sin and death in the world, and people do bad things."

Ken thought about the flowers that he had pulled out of the garden. "I was bad," said Ken. "What makes me do bad things?"

"It is all because of sin," said Father. "sin came into God's wonderful world and spoiled it."

"But where did sin come from?" asked Ken.

"The Bible Bible tells us how it happened," said Father. "God has a great enemy. His name is Satan. He is our enemy too. Satan hates God. He will not obey God. Satan wants everybody to hate and disobey Him.

"Satan saw the beautiful garden that God had made. He also saw Adam and Eve, and he knew that they were God's most wonderful creation.

"Satan said to himself, 'I will trick Adam and Eve so they will disobey God. That will spoil God's beautiful world.'"

"How did Satan do that?" asked Amy.

Satan came to Eve as a serpent

"Satan came to Eve Eve as a serpent and said to her, 'You will not die if you eat that special fruit. Instead you will be like God.'

"This was a lie, but Eve believed Satan. She took the fruit of the special tree and ate it. Then she gave some of that fruit to Adam, and he ate it also. Adam disobeyed!"

"What happened then?" asked Amy.

"Well," said Father, "instead of having God in their hearts, they now had sin in their hearts. And instead of being like God, they became sinners!

"Satan was glad because he wanted Adam and Eve to be sinners like him. But Adam and Eve were sad, and God was very sad. It was a sad, sad day.

"Adam and Eve now had sin in their hearts.

"When God came down to walk and talk with Adam and Eve, they hid from Him. They were afraid of God because they knew they had done wrong.

Because Adam and Eve had sinned, they had to leave the beautiful garden

"sin is a terrible thing! Because Adam and Eve had sinned, they had to leave the beautiful garden which God had planted for them. They could no longer live with God. When Adam and Eve had children, their children had sin in their hearts, just like their parents.

"Ever since that time, every person is born with sin in his or her heart. This is why we do wrong things."

"Is that why I pulled out the flowers?" asked Ken.

"Yes," said Father. "We all have done wrong things. The Bible says, 'For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.'"

"Did God stop loving Adam and Eve because they disobeyed Him?" Amy asked.

"No," said Father. "God still loved Adam and Eve, and He promised them that one day He would send a Savior into the world. God sent the Lord Jesus Jesus to be our Savior, and some day everything will be beautiful and wonderful again."

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