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The little graphics inside the text are inserted so that your child can say the name of that person or thing the next time the graphic appears. Encouraging them to do this will make the lesson more interactive and interesting for them.

UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

under a special agreement with

The Mailbox Club presents

See and Do Series 1

Lesson 1

The Red Wagon

Down they went!

Ken Ken and Amy Amy pulled the red wagon wagon to the top of the hill. They climbed into the wagon and started down the hill. Down they went! Crash! Bang! They hit a rock and tumbled into the grass.

"Oh! Oh!" said Ken. "Look! Our wagon is broken!"

"Can Grandad Grandad fix it?" asked Amy.

"Yes, I think he can," said Ken.

Ken and Amy took the wagon to Grandad.

"I can fix it," said Grandad.

Soon Grandad had the new parts made out of wood

Soon Grandad had the new parts made out of wood.

"Oh, it's fixed! It's fixed!" said the children. They were so happy.

"Yes, it is fixed, but we need to paint the new parts," said Grandad. He got the paint and some brushes and let the children paint them.

let the children paint them

Soon Ken and Amy had painted the wagon bright red. "It looks like new!" said Ken.

Amy said, "Thank you! Thank you, Grandad! You made it all!"

"No," said Grandad. "I did not make the wood. Wood comes from trees."

"I know who made the trees," said Amy. "God did."

"God made all things," said Grandad.

God made the heavens and the earth

"First God made the heavens and the earth. The Bible says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

"Then God began to make things beautiful here on the earth. He made the hills and the mountains. He made the ocean, the lakes, and the rivers. He made beautiful trees and flowers.

"God made birds of every kind. He made all the fish in the sea, from the starfish to the whale.

God made animals

"Then God made animals—horses, cows, elephants, lions, dogs, and cats. God created every kind of animal that lives.

"God saw that everything He had made was very good."

"Why did God make all these things?" asked Ken.

"God made them because He planned to make a home for someone special," said Grandad. "Do you know who it was?"

The children thought for a moment. "Oooh! I know," said Amy. "It was for the first people!"

"Yes!" said Grandad. "God called the first man Adam. God made a wife for Adam. Her name was Eve.

"God made them different from the animals. God made Adam and Eve in such a way that He could live in their hearts."

"Why did God make people?" asked Ken.

"God made people to love Him and to be loved by Him," said Grandad. "God loves you very much, and He wants you to love Him."

Ken said, "I am glad God made the world so beautiful. And I know He loves me."

"Me too!" added Amy.

Of all the things that God made, what do you think He loves the most? He loves people most of all! God loves you! God made you, and you are very special to Him. In the Bible Bible, God says that He has always loved you. He knows your name. He knows what you look like. He knows all about you.

Remember, God loves you and He wants you to love Him.

Learn this verse so you can say it:

Genesis 1:1 memory verse



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