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See and Do Series 2

Lesson 4

The Dark Night

in their sleeping bags at camp

It was dark outside. It was also dark inside the tent. Ken Ken and his new friends, Robert and Jimmy, were in their sleeping bags at camp. Ken's friends were sleeping, but Ken was wide awake. He was thinking about all the things he had been doing that day.

Ken liked the Bible story in the morning, and the swimming in the afternoon was fun, too.

Then Ken remembered looking at the candy candy in the candy store. He did not have much money at camp. He had decided to wait until later to buy a candy bar.

Ken was lying in his sleeping bag

But now, Ken was lying in his sleeping bag, thinking about that candy. It made him hungry. A peanut bar with chocolate on the outside would taste so good! He did not think that he could wait until tomorrow afternoon for this treat.

Then Ken remembered that Robert had bought some extra candy bars. They were in his camp bag over in the corner.

Ken thought if he took one of those candy bars, maybe Robert would not even know that one was missing.

Ken looked around to make sure the boys were all asleep. Then slowly, and quietly he got out of his sleeping bag. He was sure that nobody would ever find out.

"Anyway," Ken said to himself, "Robert has some extra money, and he can buy some more candy bars tomorrow."

Ken crawled across the floor to the corner where Robert's things were. It was really dark. The floor squeaked, and the cold air made him shiver. He was scared.

He slowly zipped it open and took a candy  bar

Finally, Ken got to the corner and found Robert's bag. He slowly zipped it open and took a candy bar. Then he closed the zipper. He hoped that the boys would not wake up.

Ken took the candy bar back to his own sleeping bag. It felt big and heavy in his hand. He began to think about what he had done. He had taken something that did not belong to him! He knew that this was wrong.

But back in his sleeping bag, Ken started to smile. "That was easy," he said to himself. "And nobody saw me, either."

He held the candy real tight. Then Ken thought about the Bible story again. He remembered the verse in the Bible that they had learned in the morning: "You are God who sees me." Did God really see what he had done, even in the dark?

Ken remembered that Jimmy had asked the teacher if God could see, even in the dark.

God sees what is in our heart

"Yes," the teacher had said. "God even knows what we are thinking about and what is in our heart. It makes God sad when He sees us doing wrong things."

"Oh, no!" Ken said to himself, "I stole that candy. Even if the boys did not see me, God saw me, and it made Him sad."

Ken got out of his sleeping bag. He went quietly back across the floor to Robert's camp bag and put the candy bar back where he had found it. He was glad that the boys did not wake up and find out what he had done.

Then Ken crawled back to his sleeping bag again. He started to talk to the Lord Jesus Jesus.

Please, forgive me, Lord Jesus

"Please, forgive me, Lord Jesus," he prayed. "I know it was wrong to take Robert's candy. I am sorry that I took it.

"Thank you, Lord Jesus, for helping me to put the candy back. And thank You also for forgiving me."

Ken knew that Jesus loved him and that Jesus forgave him because he was sorry and had asked Jesus to forgive him.

Ken closed his eyes and smiled because he was happy again. He immediately fell asleep.

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