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Faith, Failure and a Phenomenal God (Book of Judges)

Faith, Failure and a Phenomenal God

Making Use of this Series in Adult Church Classes

The 27 sessions in this Old Testament series can easily be used in adult church classes or study settings. If the venue has Internet access, and you have a computer/laptop with an LCD projector, you could simply go to the relevant web page and run the audio-visual session. Be sure to expand it to "full screen" (just click the tiny 4-arrow symbol near the bottom right corner of the presentation).

If you have an iPad, you could download the MP4 version of each session and then run it from this device.

You could use one or two of these sessions per class/study time, depending on your situation.

If your venue does not have Internet access, we can provide you with video files which could be burned onto DVDs. These DVD sessions could then be run from your computer without needing any Internet access. If you're interested in this option, please contact Brian Cummins. .

NOTE: these same instructions can apply to the other similar courses: "Getting Acquainted with the Old Testament" and "A Journey of Faith with the Patriarchs".

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