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Lesson 5: I am in Christ!



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1. When God looks down, He sees

    a) many families in the world.

    b) two families in the world — the family of Adam and the family of Christ.

2. God sees every person

    a) as being in Adam or in Christ.

    b) as being good or bad.

3. To be "in Adam" means

    a) to be a friend to those in Adam's family.

    b) to share in all that Adam did and all that he was.

4. By natural birth we are all in

    a) God's family.

    b) Adam's sinful family.

5. When I took Christ as my Savior,

    a) God took me out of Adam's sinful family and put me in Christ's family.

    b) God started helping me to be a better person.

6. How did I get into Christ?

    a) God put me there.

    b) I worked at it.

7. To be "in Christ" means

    a) to share in all that Christ did and all that He is.

    b) that I am trying to be good enough to go to Heaven some day.

8. I am accepted by God

    a) because I have become a sinless person.

    b) because I am in Christ.

9. My "position" is

    a) the way God sees me in Christ.

    b) the way I live here on earth.

10. As a member of Christ's family

    a) I now have a new position in God's sight; God now sees me in Christ.

    b) I now have the same position I had before, but I am a better person.

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