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Valuable ministry links:

  • Listing of affiliated CAMPS which honor D&J camp discount cards
  • The Mailbox Club International
  • Christianity Cove - a great one-stop-shop for free Sunday School lessons, Bible games, crafts, skits and activities for Children's Church
  • YouVersion—free access to the Bible in many versions and in more than 100 languages; they also have an app that works in all mobile devices.
  • MAX7 - living to the max, 7 days a week with Jesus; an open source resource library helping leaders disciple children and young people
  • Bible iPhone app from The Gideons—Explore what God, faith and Christianity are all about. Read the Bible whenever you want, wherever you are.
  • Dare to be a Daniel—soul-winners training for young people from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • Bible for Children—Bible stories and Bible readings in various languages
  • The Beginner's Bible—wonderful new series of YouTube video animations with great music, introducing children to major Bible stories

Safeguarding Internet use for children:

Resource Sources:

  • Guardians of Ancora—a world class digital game featuring an amazing virtual world that 8 to 11 year olds can enter, and a place where Bible stories come alive; from Scripture Union
  • The Story of Jesus Christ app—free app for Apple & Android devices; story of Jesus taken from the Action Bible; comic book format in 49 languages
  • Let the Little Children Come—Child evangelism tools that are more than simple children's tracts.
  • YouTube Bible channels for kids—11 YouTube channels devoted to Bible-content videos for children
  • Bible Games Central—Fun Bible games that teach Bible truths; for kids, youth and adults
  • Calvary Curriculum—Free materials for Sunday School teachers, from Calvary Chapel
  • Bible study tools from Crosswalk
  • Visual storytelling meets the Bible
  • Next Bible (with the popular NET Bible translation)—a great resource for Bible study; find any Bible passage in this freely-available version and get dictionary definitions of words, explanatory articles, Greek/Hebrew tools, and even sermon illustrations
  • Illustrated Bible—downloadable Bible portions with illustrations and audio narrations at give-away prices; can be burned to DVD and freely distributed; ideal for Sunday School classes etc.
  • The NIV Live—a multi-sensory audio Bible using professional voices and cinematic enhanced sound. For mobile devices and also on CD.
  • The Pocket Testament League—resources for Bible study and sharing your faith by distributing "pocket" Gospels; also a free daily devotional
  • Need Him—for those seeking answers & for those helping others find Christ
  • Always Be Ready—lots of articles plus DVD/book resources for answering questions from skeptics about the Bible, Jesus and the Christian faith
  • Steps to Peace with God—from Billy Graham
  • Focus on the Family
  • Kids of Integrity—tools for growing godly character; from Focus on the Family
  • Christian Courses—online Christian education from RBC Ministries
  • Eternal Answers—a Christian blog with lots of answers to common questions

Christian graphics

  • Oxygen Multimedia Ministries—professional Christian graphics and PowerPoint slides; indispensable resource for ministry graphics (many of the graphics used in our lessons come from this source)
  • DesignPics—excellent royalty-free stock photo resource with many Christian-themed photos at reasonable prices (we use quite a few of these photos in our lessons)
  • Free Bible Images—excellent resource for Bible-related graphics; lots of material, most with the same graphic appearance, and free for Christian ministry use
  • Christian Stock Photography—reasonably priced great Christian images in five resolution sizes – the cross, symbols, backgrounds, Christmas, Easter, etc.
  • Biblical Stock Photography—nice mixture of Bible/Christian-related photos and graphics
  • The Glory Story—a good resource for free Bible story graphics, though not as good quality as Oxygen or Free Bible Images

Bible Colleges and Christian Universities:


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