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UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

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The Mailbox Club presents

Best Friends Series 2

Series 2 Lesson 10

Jesus Wants Me to Become more like Him



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1. If we want to grow spiritually, we should

    a) read the Bible every day.

    b) read the Bible when we go to church.

2. God has a special blessing for

    a) those who talk about the Bible.

    b) those who memorize verses from the Bible.

3. The secret of memorizing is

    a) reading a verse one time and thinking about it.

    b) going over the verse many times a day until you know it.

4. What will help me to become more like the Lord Jesus?

    a) Just reading and memorizing verses from the Bible.

    b) Reading the Bible, memorizing verses, and obeying God's Word.

5. The secret of a strong Christian life is

    a) time spent alone with the Lord Jesus every day, reading His Word and talking to Him in prayer.

    b) staying as busy as I can doing things for the Lord.

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