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Lesson 2 (Part 4)

A Bride for Isaac

God confirmed His covenant with Abraham and said to him, "In your seed [Christ, the promised Savior] shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because you have obeyed My voice" (Genesis 22:18).

In time Sarah died. Abraham was very old, and he had much wealth, but his son Isaac did not have a wife. Abraham and Isaac were living among the Canaanites, but Abraham did not want his son to marry a Canaanite woman.

Abraham told his eldest servant to go back to the land of his people to seek a bride for Isaac from his kindred. The servant took ten camels and much goods and made the long journey to the city of Nahor where Abraham's kindred lived.

the servant prayed

On the way the servant prayed that God would show him the one who was to be Isaac's wife. He asked that God would give him a special sign—that the woman would give him water to drink and also offer to water his camels.

At evening time, the servant came to a well of water outside the city. A young woman had just drawn a pitcher of water, and the servant ran to her and asked if he might drink a little water from her pitcher. The woman gave him drink and said, "I will draw water also for your camels."

A young woman had just drawn a pitcher of water

The young woman was named Rebekah and she was very beautiful. When the servant found that she was the granddaughter of Nahor, Abraham's brother, he bowed his head and worshipped God, saying, "Blessed by the LORD God of my master Abraham…I being in the way, the LORD led me to the house of my master's brethren" (Genesis 24:27).

Rebekah took the servant to her house where he was well received by her family. When the servant told her father and her brother of his mission, they agreed that Rebekah could go with him to marry Isaac.

she was as anxious to hear about Isaac as he was to tell her

On the long journey back, we may be sure that the servant was anxious to tell her all about Isaac and that she was as anxious to hear about Isaac as he was to tell her.

This is a beautiful picture of what God is doing now. Isaac is a type of Christ. Just as Abraham received Isaac "back from the dead" when he took him off the altar, so God the Father received His Son back from the dead. Just as Abraham sent his servant into a far country to get a bride for his son, so God is getting a bride for His Son.

Isaac and Rebekah

The servant is a type of the Holy Spirit whom God has sent into the world to secure a bride for His Son. All believers will one day be united to the Lord Jesus in heaven as His bride for all eternity.

Before his death Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac. God has given all that He has to His Son. As His bride, we will share in all that He is and all that He has forever.

Now do the questions for this second lesson which was in 4 parts:


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