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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 8: God Provides

God Provides



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1. What is the name of the group of people in our story?

    a) Children of Israel.

    b) Children of Jesus.

    c) Children of Egypt.

2. What was the name of their leader?

    a) John.

    b) Paul.

    c) Moses.

3. What was the land like where they were travelling?

    a) Bare and stony with few trees and little grass.

    b) A beautiful grass land with trees.

    c) It was by the ocean.

4. Where was Moses taking the Children of Israel?

    a) To Egypt.

    b) To the Land of Canaan.

    c) To the ocean.

5. When the people grumbled to their leader, Moses, about being hungry, what did Moses do about it?

    a) He prayed to God.

    b) He went and brought food for them.

    c) He told the people to keep going.

6. The very next morning what surprising thing did the people discover on the ground?

    a) Snakes.

    b) Grass for the cattle.

    c) Something small and round like seeds.

7. When the people asked, "What is it?", what did Moses tell them about it?

    a) "It is the bread which God has given you to eat."

    b) "It is frost."

    c) "It will take the place of water."

8. What did the people call this food?

    a) Potatoes.

    b) Bread.

    c) Manna.

9. How did God answer the prayer of Moses concerning the bitter water?

    a) God showed him a bush which sweetened the water.

    b) God told the people to be happy.

10. Where did they find the bitter water?

    a) Jericho.

    b) Egypt.

    c) Marah.

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