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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 6: Baby Moses

Baby Moses



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1. What was the name of the big sister?

    a) Rebekah.

    b) Mary.

    c) Miriam.

2. What was the name of Moses' brother?

    a) John.

    b) Aaron.

    c) Peter.

3. What was the new law that the King had made?

    a) No Hebrew boy babies could be allowed to live.

    b) No boys ages 12 and under would be allowed to live.

4. What plan did God give to the mother?

    a) Make a basket-cradle out of rushes.

    b) Keep hiding the baby at home.

    c) Go and see the king.

5. When the basket was finished where did they place it?

    a) In the store room.

    b) In the river among the rushes.

    c) At the neighbors.

6. Who came down to the river to have a bath?

    a) The princess and her servant girls.

    b) Some Hebrew men.

    c) The king and his servants.

7. What happened when the princess lifted the baby out of the basket?

    a) It started to rain.

    b) The baby started to cry.

    c) Miriam went running home.

8. When the Princess ordered Miriam to find a nurse for the baby, who did she bring?

    a) A neighbor woman.

    b) The baby's mother.

    c) A servant from the palace.

9. Was the baby's mother paid to take care of baby Moses?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

10. Why did the Princess call the baby "Moses"?

    a) She just liked the name.

    b) Because she "drew him out of the water."

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