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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 24: A Friend Comes Back

A Friend Comes Back



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1. Where did Peter and John and the others go?

    a) Jerusalem.

    b) The Sea of Galilee.

    c) To the mountains.

2. What did Peter want to do one evening?

    a) Go fishing.

    b) Climb a mountain.

    c) Go see Jesus.

3. What result did the fishermen have from their fishing that night?

    a) They didn't get any fish.

    b) They had their boats full.

    c) They had enough for breakfast.

4. How did the fishermen feel after fishing all night?

    a) Full of energy.

    b) Tired and disappointed.

    c) Happy and relaxed.

5. What happened as they came close to the shore?

    a) A man told them to cast their nets on the right side of the ship.

    b) A man told them to go out to sea again.

    c) A man told them to forget about fishing.

6. What was the difference this time as they cast their nets where Jesus told them?

    a) They got the nets full of snakes.

    b) The nets were full of fish.

    c) They lost their nets.

7. How many fish did they catch?

    a) 205.

    b) 153.

    c) The story doesn't say.

8. Who cooked breakfast for the fishermen?

    a) Peter's wife and mother.

    b) Jesus.

    c) A cook from the inn.

9. How did the disciples feel as they sat at breakfast with Jesus?

    a) Very sad.

    b) Almost too happy to speak.

    c) Worried about catching fish the next time.

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