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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 23: The First Easter

The First Easter



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1. What sad event had taken place as our story opens?

    a) Jesus had been killed.

    b) There had been a flood.

    c) The king of the land had died.

2. Where was Jesus buried?

    a) In the graveyard.

    b) In a rocky cave in a private garden.

    c) At sea.

3. What was Mary Magdalene bringing to the tomb?

    a) Sweet spices and perfumes.

    b) A snack.

    c) A warm blanket.

4. What did Mary Magdalene discover as she approached the tomb?

    a) There was more than one cave.

    b) The heavy stone door had been moved.

    c) The gardener was hungry.

5. Who did Mary Magdalene run to find?

    a) John and Andrew.

    b) Peter and John.

    c) Peter and Andrew.

6. What did the men find in the tomb?

    a) They found leftover food.

    b) They found a nest of baby birds.

    c) They found the cloths that had been wrapped around Jesus and nothing else.

7. Who was it who spoke to Mary after she had spoken with the two angels?

    a) The gardener.

    b) Jesus, who she thought at first was the gardener.

    c) John.

8. What did Jesus say to her?

    a) "Why do you cry? Who do you seek?"

    b) "Why do you cry? I see you have a new dress."

    c) "Why do you cry? Let's go for breakfast."

9. What did Mary keep repeating to herself as she ran home to tell her friends?

    a) "The gardener was in the garden."

    b) "Jesus is alive. Jesus is alive forever!"

    c) "Jesus is coming for supper."

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