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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 17: Feeding the Hungry

Feeding the Hungry



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1. What do the crocuses tell us?

    a) Spring is coming.

    b) Fall is coming.

    c) Please pick us.

2. Where were the boys going?

    a) For a walk.

    b) Around the end of the lake to see Jesus.

    c) To catch frogs.

3. Why did the crowds of people follow Jesus?

    a) To have a picnic.

    b) They wanted to go for a walk.

    c) They wanted to see Jesus heal the sick.

4. What were some of the conditions Jesus healed at this time?

    a) Lameness and blindness.

    b) Cancer.

    c) AIDS.

5. As evening came and the people became hungry, what question did Jesus ask Philip?

    a) Where shall we buy bread for these to eat?

    b) Is there an inn close by?

    c) Could the cook from the inn prepare supper?

6. What did the boy bring for his lunch?

    a) A peanut butter sandwich.

    b) A cheeseburger.

    c) Five little loaves of bread and two small fishes.

7. When the boy had offered his small lunch, what was the first thing Jesus did?

    a) He told the disciples to have the people sit down on the grass.

    b) He cooked the fish.

    c) He cut the bread.

8. After the people were seated what did Jesus do?

    a) He began to tell them stories.

    b) He took the bread and fish and gave thanks to God.

    c) He prepared to leave for the night.

9. After everyone had eaten, how much was left over? (find the answer in the Bible passage)

    a) 12 baskets full.

    b) 2 baskets full.

    c) 10 baskets full.

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