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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 12: The Shepherds

The Shepherds



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1. As the shepherds sat around their fire, what may they have talked about?

    a) Of a coming King who one day would rule over their land.

    b) About going to England.

    c) About going to Rome.

2. All at once, what did they see?

    a) Their families coming.

    b) A bright light shining around them.

    c) Some strange sheep.

3. When they were afraid of the bright light, what did the angel say to them?

    a) "Could you give us some food?"

    b) "Can we warm ourselves by your fire?"

    c) "Do not be afraid. Today a Savior has been born who is Christ the Lord."

4. What did the angels sing?

    a) "Today is the day the Lord has made."

    b) "Glory to God in the Highest."

    c) "Jesus loves me."

5. What did the shepherds decide to do then?

    a) Go and find the Baby.

    b) Gather around the fire and sing.

    c) Go home.

6. Where did they find the Baby?

    a) In the city of Rome.

    b) In Bethlehem in a stable.

    c) In the hospital.

7. What might they all have said as they gazed at the infant Jesus?

    a) A "thank you" prayer to God.

    b) "It's a beautiful baby."

    c) "Why don't you stay at our home?"

8. When the shepherds left the stable what did they do?

    a) They told people their joyful news.

    b) They hurried home for breakfast.

    b) They kept the news to themselves.

9. What did the shepherds tell people?

    a) "A new baby has been born."

    b) "Rejoice with us for the King has come. Jesus Christ is born in Bethlehem."

    c) "We have some new sheep."

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