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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 11: The New Baby

The New Baby



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1. What was the secret that Mary and Joseph had?

    a) God was going to send them a little baby, whose name was to be Jesus.

    b) They were going to get a new house.

    c) They were going to get a new donkey.

2. Where did Joseph and Mary live?

    a) Jerusalem.

    b) Nineveh.

    c) Nazareth.

3. How may Mary and Joseph have prepared for the new baby?

    a) They bought a new house.

    b) They made tiny garments and a cradle.

    c) They worked hard to get more money.

4. Where were they going on their journey?

    a) Bethlehem.

    b) Jerusalem.

    c) Rome.

5. What did they discover as they tried to find a place to stay?

    a) There were lots of empty rooms.

    b) Every place was full.

    c) All the shepherds were in town for the night.

6. Finally Joseph saw an inn. What did the landlord say about his inn?

    a) "The house is full, I haven't room for one more."

    b) "Please come in and have supper."

    c) "Please come back tomorrow."

7. What place did the innkeeper finally offer?

    a) His own bedroom.

    b) An empty stable with clean straw.

8. What wonderful secret came true that night?

    a) Baby Jesus was born.

    b) It snowed for the first time ever in Bethlehem.

9. Where did Baby Jesus sleep when He was born?

    a) In a manger on a bed of hay.

    b) In a hospital.

    c) In the inn.

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