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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 10: God's Promise

God's Promise



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1. What had the people been watching and waiting for?

    a) A king.

    b) More money.

    c) Rain.

2. Where did Mary live?

    a) Jerusalem.

    b) Nineveh.

    c) Nazareth.

3. What was one of the jobs that Mary did every day?

    a) She taught school.

    b) She ground corn and brought water from the well.

    c) She worked at McDonald's.

4. Mary had heard of one of God's wonderful promises. What promise was that?

    a) God's people would always have food.

    b) She would always be beautiful.

    c) A special baby would be born who would become king.

5. What did Mary often think about as the words of the promise in the Scriptures were read in the synagogue?

    a) About the little baby everyone was waiting for.

    b) What she would have for dinner.

    c) About the flowers she had seen that morning.

6. One day what did Mary see standing in front of her?

    a) The children from next door.

    b) Joseph.

    c) An angel.

7. When the angel appeared to Mary, what wonderful promise did he give to her?

    a) "You will have a Son. His name will be Jesus."

    b) "You will live in Nazareth for the rest of your life."

8. How did she feel as she thought about the strange message of the angel?

    a) She was very afraid.

    b) Her heart was filled with great wonder and joy.

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