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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 8: God is Our Helper

God is Our Helper



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1. In this story the people being talked about were living in

    a) Jericho.

    b) Babylon.

2. Their real home was in

    a) Canada.

    b) Jerusalem.

3. They wanted to go to Jerusalem, but had to travel by

    a) train.

    b) airplane.

    c) walking.

4. It would take many

    a) years to walk there.

    b) weeks to walk there.

5. Some of the people were

    a) too lazy to make the journey.

    b) afraid to go alone.

6. Some said,

    a) "Let's go with Ezra."

    b) "Let's go with Joseph."

7. Ezra

    a) made plans and trusted God to help them.

    b) made plans but did not trust God.

8. Ezra told the people,

    a) "God is our helper."

    b) "We don't need God."

9. To carry the valuable gold and silver, Ezra chose

    a) 12 men who were weak and afraid.

    b) 24 men who were strong and brave.

10. They trusted God

    a) and arrived at Jerusalem safely.

    b) and never arrived safely in Jerusalem.

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