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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 3: No Need to Fear

No Need to Fear



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  • Then go through the questions and click on the best answer for each question.
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1. The journey the people were on was

    a) long.

    b) short.

    c) easy.

2. Who was their leader?

    a) Abraham.

    b) Moses.

3. God had promised them

    a) an easy life.

    b) a home in the new land.

    c) nothing.

4. To find out what the new land was like, Moses

    a) sent men ahead to take a look at the land.

    b) asked people living near by.

5. These men who were sent by Moses

    a) slipped quietly into the land.

    b) were not concerned about being noticed.

6. The men returned saying,

    a) "The land is a poor place."

    b) "It is a good land."

    c) "We hope we never live there."

7. The people of Israel became afraid because

    a) some of the people in the new land were like giants.

    b) there were big mountains to climb.

8. Caleb told the people,

    a) "Don't be afraid; God is with us."

    b) "I don't think we should go into the land."

9. The younger people did go into the new land at last and

    a) God was with them.

    b) they were all killed by the giants.

10. Can we trust God?

    a) No.

    b) Yes.

    c) Sometimes.

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