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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 2: A Quarrel is Ended

A Quarrel is Ended



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1. Esau was Jacob's

    a) Dad.

    b) uncle.

    c) brother.

2. Esau was a great

    a) prophet.

    b) hunter.

3. Jacob was afraid of Esau because

    a) he was scary.

    b) Jacob took something from him and Esau was angry.

4. Jacob ran away to

    a) a nearby town.

    b) another country.

5. Over the years Jacob wanted

    a) to go back home.

    b) never to see his family again.

    c) to be king.

6. Jacob offered a _________ to Esau. (Choose which answer best fits in the blank)

    a) sacrifice.

    b) very fine present.

    c) handshake.

7. Esau

    a) was still angry with Jacob.

    b) had forgiven Jacob long ago.

    c) brought men to attack Jacob.

8. Esau

    a) accepted Jacob's gift.

    b) never accepted Jacob's gift.

9. The two brothers parted

    a) never to see each other again.

    b) the best of friends.

10. God wants us to

    a) forgive each other.

    b) fight for our rights.

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