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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 14: A Beautiful World

A Beautiful World



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1. How did Jesus travel from place to place?

    a) Riding in a car.

    b) Riding on a big horse.

    c) Walking.

2. What did Jesus hear in the branches of the trees?

    a) Birds.

    b) Flowers.

    c) Cows.

3. What did Jesus see in the meadows?

    a) Grass and sheep and their shepherds.

    b) Boys playing with the cows.

4. As Jesus enjoyed the beautiful world, what did all those things say to Him?

    a) "This is my Father's world."

    b) "What a beautiful day."

5. What did Jesus say about the birds of the air?

    a) "Your heavenly Father feeds them."

    b) "They are making a lot of noise."

6. What did Jesus say about the lilies of the field?

    a) God made them so beautiful.

    b) What are those lilies doing here?

7. Who made the birds and the flowers?

    a) God.

    b) Man.

8. Why has the heavenly Father given us all these beautiful things?

    a) To make us all happy.

    b) To give us hard work to do.

9. Did you learn your memory verse?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

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