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Used with permission: Character by Character compiled by Selwyn Hughes and Trevor Partridge. Copyright © CWR (www.cwr.org.uk).


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Character by Character

Lesson 2: Mark




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1. When Peter was miraculously freed from prison, to whose home did he go to find the believers?

    a) The home of James.

    b) The home of Mary, Mark’s mother.

    c) The home of Peter’s mother.

2. What were the believers doing when Peter arrived?

    a) Having communion.

    b) Praying for Peter’s release.

3. Who intervened on Paul’s behalf so that the other believers would welcome him into their fellowship?

    a) Barnabas.

    b) John Mark.

    c) James.

4. What happened to the missionary team at Perga?

    a) They were stoned.

    b) Mark deserted them and went home to Jerusalem.

    c) They were imprisoned.

5. Who did Mark accompany on another missionary journey?

    a) Paul.

    b) Peter.

    c) Barnabas.

6. Paul was so unhappy about Mark’s desertion that they never reconciled.

    a) True.

    b) False.

7. Mark’s Gospel is obviously intended especially for the use of Gentile Christians.

    a) True.

    b) False.

8. To whom was Mark indebted for much of the information he put into his Gospel record?

    a) James and John.

    b) Mary and Martha.

    c) Peter and Paul.

9. How does Mark especially present Jesus in his Gospel?

    a) As the Servant.

    b) As the Shepherd.

    c) As the Messiah.

10. One of the lessons we learn from Mark is that if we experience spiritual failure we can never again make a positive contribution to the Kingdom of God.

    a) True.

    b) False.

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