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Character by Character

Lesson 7: Nehemiah




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1. What caused Nehemiah to pray and fast for four months?

    a) News that Assyria was marching against Persia.

    b) News that Jerusalem’s walls were in ruins.

2. What request did the king grant for Nehemiah?

    a) Permission to go to Jerusalem and undertake the work of rebuilding the city’s walls.

    b) An armed guard to protect his family from enemy invaders.

3. What was one of the first things Nehemiah did when he got to Jerusalem?

    a) He went into the temple and worshipped.

    b) He surveyed the extent of the damage to the walls and gates.

4. No one was opposed to the project of rebuilding the walls.

    a) True.

    b) False.

5. What did the Jews do when they learned of a plot to attack them?

    a) They just prayed to God.

    b) They asked for help from a neighboring city.

    c) They prayed to God for protection and mounted a guard to watch the enemy.

6. Does God always preserve His people from difficulties when they are doing His will?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

7. Nehemiah directed the rebuilding work from inside his palace.

    a) True.

    b) False.

8. In an open letter what did Nehemiah’s enemies accuse him of planning?

    a) To revolt and set himself up as king.

    b) To confiscate the properties of the nobles.

9. How many days did it take to complete the task of rebuilding the walls?

    a) 40.

    b) 52.

    c) 70.

10. The main lesson to be learned from Nehemiah’s life is this:

    a) The value of asking those in authority to provide help for God’s work.

    b) The benefit of leaders working alongside their team in completing important tasks.

    c) The importance of speedily referring each decision and crisis to God in simple prayer.

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