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UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

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The Mailbox Club presents

The Way to Heaven

Lesson 13: What Happens After Death?



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1. Where a person spends eternity depends on

    a) his or her relationship with God's Son.

    b) whether or not he or she was a good person.

2. When we die and our bodies are put in the grave the Bible teaches

    a) that is the end of us.

    b) this is another beginning since we are immortal and we will live forever.

3. According to the Bible which of the following is not a possibility after death?

    a) Oblivion, nothingness.

    b) Heaven.

    c) Hell.

4. When Jesus was here on earth He

    a) never mentioned hell.

    b) spoke about hell on many occasions.

5. Those who disobey God and follow Satan until they die

    a) have other chances in reincarnation to change their life's direction.

    b) will join Satan forever with no further opportunities to repent.

6. Our bodies after death

    a) will be raised and they will be similar to the body of Jesus after resurrection.

    b) are unimportant since only the soul exists after death.

7. Jesus told us

    a) that He alone is the way to Heaven.

    b) that every religion has its own way of helping people find Heaven.

8. The Bible describes Heaven as

    a) being a lot like earth now, only more peaceful and beautiful.

    b) being beyond anything we can possibly imagine.

9. (OPINION) As you studied this lesson were you convinced that you are ready either to die or to meet Jesus in the air should He return today?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

10. (OPINION) If you have questions about spiritual things would you feel free to write about your concerns in the box below?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

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