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The Way to Heaven

Lesson 11: How Can I Know that I am Saved?



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1. In this lesson "How Can I Know that I am Saved?" you were told about four essentials. The first essential was The Work of Christ. The work of the Lord Jesus was to

    a) die for our sins and rise again to be our living Savior.

    b) heal people of their illnesses and teach us to do the same.

2. The second essential was The Word of God. The Word of God is important because it tells us

    a) what Christ has done for us.

    b) the rules and regulations we must observe to satisfy God.

3. The third essential is our response or Our Faith in Christ. Our belief is important because

    a) it confirms our church membership.

    b) salvation is a gift, and believing is the only way we have of receiving this gift.

4. The fourth essential is the Work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit

    a) protects us from God's anger even when we do wrong.

    b) makes real in us all that Christ has done for us.

5. The sure foundation on which our faith rests is

    a) our feelings.

    b) the Word of God.

6. Regarding our assurance of salvation,

    a) we cannot be assured of salvation until we die.

    b) we know we have eternal life because God's Word says so.

7. 1 John 5:12 says "He that has the Son has life; and he that has not the Son of God has not life." This verse should help us to

    a) have confidence that we will be with Jesus in Heaven forever.

    b) work harder so that our chances of going to Heaven are better.

8. The Holy Spirit dwells

    a) in every believer.

    b) only in those believers who have had an unusual experience.

9. One thing we should do as evidence of our relationship with Jesus Christ is to

    a) keep a list of rules which we should follow.

    b) let others know about our salvation, so they can experience it too.

10. Because we know that God has forgiven us through Christ we should

    a) always be ready to forgive others.

    b) insist that others do everything we want them to.

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