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UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

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New Life in Christ Course 3

Lesson 5
In Adam



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1. God sees the whole human race as being

    a) in Adam.

    b) bad people.

2. How did we get in Adam?

    a) By reading about him in the Bible.

    b) By birth.

3. What does it mean to be in Adam?

    a) To be a person who doesn't succeed.

    b) To share in all that Adam was and all that he did.

4. There are five things that are true of every person in Adam. What are two of them?

    a) (1) We were born sinless; and (2) God does not punish us.

    b) (1) We are separated from the life of God, and (2) we are sinners.

5. The Bible says, "…by one man's disobedience, many were made

    a) righteous."

    b) heirs of heaven."

    c) sinners."

6. Because men are sinners, they are under the

    a) power of sin.

    b) understanding of goodness.

    c) impression of righteousness.

7. Sin entered the world through __________ _______, _______; and _______ came as a result of sin.

    a) one man, Adam; death.

    b) the serpent, Satan; shame.

8. According to God's Word, how many people are righteous, and seek after God?

    a) 10,000.

    b) Lots of people.

    c) Not one.

9. Through _________ in the Lord Jesus men can be _______ ________.

    a) faith ... born again.

    b) works ... born again.

10. God's salvation is in a _________, the ________ _________ _______.

    a) church ... place of worship.

    b) Person ... Lord Jesus Christ.

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