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presents "New Life in Christ" Course 2


UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

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The Mailbox Club presents

New Life in Christ Course 2

Lesson 8
Jesus Christ: Our Righteousness



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1. The purpose of salvation is

    a) to make us happy.

    b) to bring us back into right relationship with the holy God.

    c) to make us good church members.

2. To enjoy fellowship with God, we must not only know that all our sins are forgiven, but we must also

    a) know that we are clothed with a righteousness that is acceptable to Him.

    b) be accepted and liked by people.

    c) be a preacher or a full-time servant of God.

3. The only kind of righteousness which is acceptable to God is

    a) one that is better than most other people.

    b) one that is equal to that of the very best people we know.

    c) a perfect righteousness.

4. God makes us perfectly righteous in His sight by

    a) changing us so that we become better persons.

    b) putting us IN CHRIST.

    c) helping us to be like the best people we know.

5. This perfect righteousness is

    a) given to us as a free gift when we take Christ as our Saviour.

    b) obtained by faithful attendance in all church services.

    c) obtained by doing many good works over a long period of time.

6. Our acceptance with God is based on

    a) our daily conduct.

    b) the good things we do.

    c) our being IN CHRIST.

7. When God is correcting and chastening us,

    a) He still loves us and accepts us fully because we are IN CHRIST.

    b) He is disappointed with us and does not love us.

    c) He will not speak to us.

8. When we fail, we need to

    a) avoid coming to God for mercy and grace.

    b) do some good things to make up for our sins.

    c) confess our sins to God.

9. Our righteousness before God is

    a) a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    b) our daily conduct.

    c) the many good things we have done.

10. God wants us to live our lives each day

    a) knowing that we are miserable sinners in His sight.

    b) trying to make ourselves acceptable to Him.

    c) knowing that we are perfectly righteous in His sight because we are IN CHRIST.

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