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New Life in Christ Course 2

Lesson 4
Jesus Christ: the Lamb of God



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1. A "type" in the Old Testament is

    a) a commandment from God.

    b) a story which primarily tells of a historical fact.

    c) something which pictures or illustrates a spiritual truth.

2. When God killed innocent animals to provide coats of skin for Adam and Eve, He was teaching them the great biblical truth that

    a) the blood of animals can forgive sins.

    b) without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.

    c) sin is not a serious thing and God will easily overlook it.

3. God accepted Abel's offering but rejected Cain's. God is teaching us in this story that

    a) He will accept whatever man does so long as he means well.

    b) there is only one way man can approach God, and that is by trusting Christ's blood which was shed for our sins.

    c) Abel must have been a better person than Cain.

4. The story of the Passover teaches us that

    a) the blood of Jesus Christ protects us from God's judgment.

    b) all the Jews were saved from the Death Angel.

    c) the oldest sons were saved from death because they lived holy lives.

5. Both Old Testament believers and New Testament believers are saved by

    a) living good, moral lives.

    b) Jesus Christ's death on the cross.

    c) believing there is a God.

6. We do not offer a lamb as a sacrifice for our sins today because

    a) Jesus is the real Lamb of God and He has died for all our sins.

    b) churches do not have altars for offering animal sacrifices.

    c) God is a God of love and He just overlooks our sin.

7. Jesus is called the Lamb of God because

    a) Jesus sacrificed lambs for us.

    b) He was like a lamb in need of a shepherd.

    c) He is God's perfect and complete sacrifice for our sins.

8. When the Lord Jesus cried out on the cross, "It is finished," He revealed to us that His primary purpose for coming to earth was

    a) to offer Himself as the perfect and complete sacrifice for our sins.

    b) to be a moral teacher.

    c) to work miracles.

9. To be "justified" means

    a) to live good lives.

    b) that God does not think that our sins are important.

    c) to be declared "not guilty" by God Himself.

10. God forgives us, even though we sin, because

    a) He pretends our sins are not there.

    b) He sees Christ's perfect and complete sacrifice for us.

    c) we are trying our best to do what is right.

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