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presents "New Life in Christ" Course 2


UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

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The Mailbox Club presents

New Life in Christ Course 2

Lesson 2
Jesus Christ: the Mighty God



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1. When Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness what basic sin did he want the Lord Jesus Christ to commit?

    a) To eat some food.

    b) To disobey His Father's will.

    c) To agree with Satan.

2. When the Lord Jesus Christ faced Satan, He defeated him by

    a) obeying His Father's will and using the Word of God.

    b) performing miracles.

    c) using physical strength.

3. The Lord Jesus Christ was able to do mighty works because

    a) He was a good man.

    b) He was a great religious teacher.

    c) He was the Son of God.

4. When Jesus forgave sins on earth, the scribes and Pharisees did not like it because

    a) they wanted to be the only ones to forgive sins.

    b) they did not believe that Jesus was God and had the power to forgive sins.

    c) they did not believe that all men had sinned.

5. We know that the Lord Jesus Christ is God because

    a) He was a very wise teacher.

    b) we have always heard from others that Jesus is God.

    c) many scriptures make it clear that Jesus is God.

6. In John 14:9, Jesus said that those who had seen Him

    a) had seen the Father (God).

    b) had seen a good man.

    c) had seen one of God's angels.

7. In John 20:28, the disciple Thomas

    a) was rejected by Jesus because he had so little faith.

    b) was not allowed by Jesus to worship Him as God.

    c) was permitted by Jesus to worship Him as God.

8. Because of the power in the name of Jesus, men can be saved by

    a) doing good things in His name.

    b) calling on His name.

    c) meditating on His name.

9. Our prayers are powerful when we

    a) pray in the name of Jesus.

    b) pray with special religious words.

    c) pray in public before men so that they will see and hear us.

10. Believers do not have to fear Satan. We can resist the devil by

    a) fighting him with all our strength.

    b) resisting him in Jesus' name.

    c) simply ignoring him.

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