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Lesson 9: Justified Freely by His Grace

Lesson 9: Justified Freely by His Grace



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1. Justification means

    a) that God overlooks our sins.

    b) that God counts as righteous in His sight the sinner who believes in Jesus.

2. Justification is

    a) a change in us.

    b) a change in our standing before God.

3. The basis of our justification is

    a) the blood of Christ which was shed for us.

    b) God's pity for us as poor sinners.

4. We are justified

    a) freely by God's grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

    b) by sincerely trying to keep God's commandments and the church ordinances.

5. Old Testament believers were saved by

    a) keeping the Ten Commandments.

    b) looking forward in faith to the coming Savior.

6. Our part in justification is

    a) to live a good life and treat people right so that we are worthy of being justified.

    b) to put our faith in Jesus Christ and His blood which was shed for our sins.

7. Faith comes from

    a) careful attention to God's exact statements of fact in His Word.

    b) believing strongly in ourselves.

8. In saving faith, I must believe

    a) that Jesus died for sinners and that He is the Savior.

    b) that Jesus died for my sins and He is my Savior.

9. What kind of people does God justify?

    a) Ungodly sinners who believe Him concerning Christ.

    b) Good people who always try to do right.

10. We are justified freely by

    a) what we do for God.

    b) what God has done for us in the Person of His Son.

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