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Lesson 8: Forgiven Forever

Lesson 8: Forgiven Forever



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1. Forgiveness of our sins takes place

    a) in the heart of God.

    b) in our feelings.

2. When we take Christ as our Saviour, God forgives our sins because

    a) He feels sorry for us poor sinners.

    b) He sees the blood of Christ which was shed for our sins.

3. Forgiveness of our sins is through

    a) ordained priests who have authority from the church to forgive sins.

    b) Jesus Christ alone.

4. The forgiveness which God gives is for

    a) all the believer's sins—past, present, and future.

    b) only the past sins of the believer.

5. Regarding the forgiveness of a believer's sins,

    a) we cannot know for sure all our sins are forgiven.

    b) we can say, "God has forgiven all my sins forever because of Christ."

6. God is a Saviour God

    a) who delights in forgiveness.

    b) who will forgive us only when we get our lives straightened out.

7. When a believer sins,

    a) he loses his eternal forgiveness.

    b) he does not lose his eternal forgiveness, but he loses that marvellous, unclouded fellowship with the Father.

8. If we are in the blessedness of knowing that all our sins are forgiven

    a) we will not want anything to come between us and our blessed God.

    b) we can do whatever we want because God has already forgiven us.

9. If a child of God continues to do things which are displeasing to God,

    a) he comes under God's chastening.

    b) it doesn't really matter since God has already forgiven him.

10. If I am a believer, God has dealt with me

    a) according to what I am and what I have done.

    b) according to who Christ is and what He has done for me.

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