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Lesson 7: Sanctified in Christ Jesus

Lesson 7: Sanctified in Christ Jesus



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1. God's great plan is

    a) to call out people from Adam's sinful family and unite them in one spiritual body.

    b) to educate people and teach them how to be better.

2. The Heavenly Church is composed of

    a) all believers from the Day of Pentecost until the end of this age.

    b) angels and other angelic beings.

3. The local church is

    a) the building where the believers meet.

    b) an assembly of believers in a certain locality here on earth.

4. How do people become members of God's called-out assembly?

    a) They go forward at a preaching or revival service and join the church.

    b) They believe the gospel and receive the Holy Spirit.

5. At first the local churches met

    a) in the synagogues.

    b) in one another's homes.

6. "Sanctified in Christ Jesus" means

    a) to be a special kind of believer, much higher than ordinary believers.

    b) to be set apart for God in Christ.

7. The name "saint" applies

    a) to all believers. All believers are saints by God's calling.

    b) only to specially religious people who are honoured after their death.

8. Baptism is a ceremony

    a) by which we wash away our sins.

    b) which pictures our union with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection.

9. God sees all people as

    a) either in Adam or in Christ.

    b) His children.

10. To be in Christ means

    a) to share in all that Christ is and all that He has.

    b) to be a special kind of Christian, above other believers.

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