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Lesson 6: God's Called-Out Assembly

Lesson 6: God's Called-Out Assembly



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1. Even before God created the first man, God planned

    a) to call out people from Adam's sinful family and unite them in one spiritual body.

    b) to educate people in Adam's family and teach them how to do better.

2. Pentecost proved to the disciples

    a) that if we pray hard enough, we can have the same experience the disciples had.

    b) that the Man, Jesus Christ, had been exalted to the right hand of God.

3. On the Day of Pentecost

    a) the 120 believers were united into one spiritual body—the Church.

    b) the 120 believers decided to form a church.

4. On the Day of Pentecost,

    a) some special believers were baptised with the Holy Spirit.

    b) the entire Body of Christ was baptised in the Holy Spirit.

5. The Holy Spirit comes to indwell a person

    a) the moment he trusts Jesus Christ as his Savior.

    b) when he speaks in unknown tongues.

6. God dealt with the hatred and prejudice between Jews and Gentiles by

    a) putting all believers, Jews and Gentiles, in Christ on the cross.

    b) insisting that they learn to love one another.

7. The Bible speaks of the Church as "a mystery" because

    a) there are many different churches but they all seem to get along with each other.

    b) Christ Himself is in heaven but He has a spiritual body here on earth—the Church.

8. Saul was persecuting believers here on earth; yet the Lord said, "Why are you persecuting Me?" because

    a) the believers were His spiritual body here on earth.

    b) the Lord felt sorry for His believers.

9. Local churches should be organized on the basis

    a) of race, nationality or social standing.

    b) that all believers are members of Christ's body.

10. The Lord Jesus wants His believers to know

    a) that He has many spiritual "bodies" here on on earth and all are precious to Him.

    b) that the Body of Christ is one body, and all believers are members of the one Body of Christ.

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