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Lesson 5: God's New Creation

Lesson 5: God's New Creation



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1. God has not only made Jesus Christ Lord of all, but He has made Him

    a) the Head of a new family—"the children of God."

    b) the Head of Adam's family.

2. God not only has a new family in the world, but He also has

    a) a new creation.

    b) a better world.

3. When Christ rose from the grave,

    a) He rose as a part of this world; He just had a new body.

    b) He rose in an entirely new spiritual world—God's new creation.

4. God dealt with my sins by

    a) overlooking them because He had pity on me.

    b) the blood of Jesus Christ.

5. God dealt with my sinful self by

    a) helping me to become a better person.

    b) putting me in Christ on the cross.

6. What happened to Christ

    a) happened also to us because we were in Christ.

    b) happened only to Him and did not concern us.

7. Every believer is

    a) a better person than he was, but still in the old creation.

    b) a new person in God's new creation.

8. Our old life in the old creation

    a) ended with our death with Christ.

    b) will end when we die.

9. Our new life in God's new creation began when we were born again spiritually, and

    a) it will end when we die.

    b) it will never end.

10. All of God's plans and purposes for now are centred

    a) on His new creation.

    b) on making this world a better place in which to live.

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