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Lesson 3: The Death of the God-Man

Lesson 3: The Death of the God-Man



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1. Since the day that God created man, God has always

    a) hated man and wanted to punish him for his sins.

    b) loved man and desired to bless him.

2. Man's rebellion and sin

    a) raised a great barrier in the way of God's blessing man.

    b) did not really cause any problem between man and God.

3. Propitiation means that

    a) God decided to overlook our sin because He loves us so much.

    b) Christ, by His death on the cross, completely satisfied God's righteous wrath against sin.

4. The reason that God could not "just forgive us" without Christ's dying on the cross is

    a) because God is absolutely righteous.

    b) because God is not loving and merciful enough.

5. When Christ was on the cross, God's wrath was against

    a) Christ personally.

    b) sin.

6. The death of Christ on the cross is the great eternal proof of

    a) Christ's willingness to die as a martyr for what He believed in.

    b) God's love for us.

7. Christ glorified God by

    a) revealing Him in all His glory as a Savior God.

    b) adding to God's glory by His life.

8. The great barrier of sin which stood in the way of God's blessing man

    a) is greater than ever because men killed God's Son.

    b) has been removed by Christ's sacrifice of Himself.

9. We are saved by

    a) what we do for God.

    b) what Christ has done for us.

10. God is now offering full and free forgiveness of sins to every person

    a) who does his very best to keep the Ten Commandments.

    b) who trusts the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.

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