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Lesson 2: God's Second Man

Lesson 2: God's Second Man



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1. The key to understanding God's great salvation is realising that God deals with the whole human race on the basis of

    a) two men—Adam and Christ.

    b) one man—Adam.

2. Jesus Christ is

    a) fully God and fully man.

    b) half God and half man.

3. Jesus was "the Son of God" because

    a) we are all the sons of God.

    b) God was His Father.

4. Jesus was "the Son of Man" because

    a) Joseph was His father.

    b) Mary was His mother.

5. Like us, Jesus had a spirit, soul and body. He was, however, different from us in that

    a) He did not have a sinful nature.

    b) He was a lot better person than we are.

6. Jesus said that He was the Son of God. He showed that He was the Son of God

    a) by His popularity with the people and the religious leaders.

    b) by His mighty works.

7. Jesus was victorious over Satan

    a) by acting in self-will and showing His power.

    b) by obeying God perfectly.

8. Jesus came to

    a) heal people and solve the social problems of that day.

    b) reveal God and to be our Savior.

9. According to the Bible, Jesus was pleasing to God

    a) only when He was preaching and healing people.

    b) always.

10. The summing up of the whole truth of Christianity is that

    a) there is only one Man before God for His pleasure and that man is Jesus Christ.

    b) all who treat people right and try to keep God's laws are pleasing to God.

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