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Lesson 1: God's First Man

Lesson 1: God's First Man



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1. The Bible is the story of

    a) man's improvement through the ages of history.

    b) man's complete ruin in sin and God's great salvation in Christ.

2. Sin and death came into the world

    a) by the disobedience of the first man, Adam.

    b) for no apparent reason.

3. The nature of sin is

    a) rebellion against God and His will.

    b) just not being good as we should be.

4. The moment Adam disobeyed God,

    a) he died physically.

    b) he died spiritually.

5. The children which Adam produced were

    a) in the image of God.

    b) in Adam's likeness, after his image.

6. After God gave the Ten Commandments,

    a) people were still sinful in their hearts.

    b) people became better.

7. In the end days, just before Christ returns

    a) things will be much better.

    b) things will be as they were in the days of Noah.

8. The entire history of Adam's family

    a) shows steady improvement.

    b) can be summed up in one word—SIN.

9. In God's promises to Abraham God revealed His purpose

    a) to destroy man because he was a sinner.

    b) to bless man because of God's love.

10. God's blessings for the human race would come through

    a) Adam and his family.

    b) God's promised Savior, Jesus Christ.

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