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Lesson 12: God's New Covenant

Lesson 12: God's New Covenant



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1. A covenant is

    a) a promise, which we should try to keep, the best we can.

    b) a binding legal agreement.

2. The Bible speaks especially of two covenants:

    a) the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.

    b) the covenant with Abraham and the covenant with Moses.

3. In the Old Covenant, between God and Israel, God promised

    a) to bless the people of Israel if they obeyed Him.

    b) to bless the people of Israel, no matter what they did.

4. The great work of the law was

    a) to show men what sin was and to show them their need of a Savior.

    b) to make men good so they could go to heaven when they died.

5. The New Covenant

    a) came into effect with Israel long ago.

    b) will come into effect with Israel at the beginning of Christ's reign of a thousand years on earth.

6. Christ's believers

    a) will come under the New Covenant when Israel does.

    b) are under the New Covenant now.

7. The Lord Jesus shed His precious blood for us,

    a) simply for the putting away of our sins.

    b) not only putting away of our sins but also to bring His believers into the blessings of the New Covenant now.

8. Under the New Covenant, who has the wonderful privilege of individual, personal fellowship with the Lord?

    a) Pastors, elders, and deacons.

    b) Every believer.

9. The New Covenant is

    a) unconditional—it is all of God and His grace.

    b) conditional—it depends on our keeping God's commandments.

10. Under the New Covenant, as believers, we receive

    a) all the earthly blessings which God promised Israel.

    b) the Spirit of Christ dwelling in us so that we may live like God's sons.

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