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Lesson 11: Sonship

Lesson 11: Sonship



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1. God saved us and called us

    a) according to our ablilities and good works.

    b) according to His own purpose and grace, given to us in Christ Jesus before the world began.

2. What company of people are specially blessed by God for the satisfaction of His own
     love and pleasure?

    a) The Old Testament believers.

    b) Those who have trusted Christ as their Savior.

3. God has purposed that we should be "holy and without blame before Him in love"

    a) as His sons.

    b) as His servants.

4. In the parable of the prodigal son, "the best robe" is

    a) our personal righteousness.

    b) Christ.

5. The "ring"

    a) signifies honour and authority.

    b) is just ornamental jewelry.

6. The "sandals" speak of

    a) sonship.

    b) protection.

7. Why do we have "the best robe," the ring, and the sandals?

    a) Because Christ died for us.

    b) Because God felt sorry for us.

8. To be reconciled to God means that

    a) God is no longer angry with us.

    b) God has made us suitable to Himself.

9. God's promised blessing for believers include

    a) perfect health, earthly prosperity, and a life of ease.

    b) forgiveness of sins, justification, righteousness, the indwelling Holy Spirit, and sonship.

10. What is God doing for us now?

    a) He is trying to make us comfortable in this world.

    b) He is giving us heavenly light on what will soon be ours as His sons.

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