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“All About Me—the Big #1” series


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All About Me—the Big #1


This series is a study of human nature, which seems to affect all of us.

How we need to see ourselves and the heartache we bring on others due to our self-centeredness.

Who is the greatest? It seems to be uppermost in everyone's mind these days. Rivalry and strife are taking place everywhere.

Of course, the greatest of all is God and He doesn't even have to assert Himself to reveal His greatness. This is quite unlike the rest of us.

This course is an attempt to trace the origin and development of self will in this world. "Me the Big #1" is getting us into a lot of trouble these days. How we need to see ourselves and the heartache we bring on others due to our self-centeredness.

Secondly, this course is an attempt to bring the answer to this dreadful problem home to each of us. It is the writer's hope that it will change the pattern of living in our own lives, most of all, then in our homes, workplace, assembly and between assemblies.

The concepts in this series have been written out of a sense of great need. It is not easy to speak of self and see it in all the areas it operates, particularly in my own life. It has only come to the extent that I have allowed myself to be investigated by the searchlight of the Spirit of God.

I'm particularly exercised about teaching these truths to teens and pre-teens. The longer our children and teens live their lives in the ways of the flesh, the more difficult it will be for them to live their lives walking in the Spirit. Needless to say, adults need these concepts as well.

I am convinced if we would deal with this problem some places that are like a "hell on earth" could become a "heaven on earth." It has been working for me.

Large attractive charts, 14" X 22" are available for the communication of these concepts in classes of all descriptions. Overhead transparencies can also be purchased. Contact me in Regina.

God Bless,

Vaughan V. Durston

Lesson 1: The Fall of Satan

The Fall of Satan

What's wrong with the World?

selfishness and greed

Often I have had the opportunity of sitting down with a stranger in a crowded coffee shop, mostly because there wasn't room somewhere else. Usually we start out talking about the weather and then the bad news of the day or night before. Invariably at this stage I like asking the question, "What do you think is the worst problem in the world?"

What do you suppose these strangers give for an answer almost without exception? It is selfishness and greed.

At one time there was no selfishness in the world or universe. All God's creation loved God, pleased God, were full of God's wisdom, and were perfect in their ways. Everything was in unison with God. What a beautiful place it was.

How long it was like this, we don't know, maybe for thousands of years. Even Lucifer, the bright and shining one, was like this.

Meditate on a universe and world with everything and everyone in harmony.

What happened? Read Isaiah 14:12–17.

Lucifer before the Fall

Satan after the Fall

Lucifer with his opportunity to love God or to not love God decided to love himself and please himself. His wisdom became corrupted (foolish) and he became the father of lies. This decision changed the universe from a place where love, joy and peace reigned with unity to a place where Satan was in rivalry with God; and all forms of sin began in his life. God has been in a program of reclaiming this world of sin since then.

Even worse on Satan's part was the fact that he sought to get as many angels as possible to live as he now lived. It seems many listened to his foolish wisdom and lies and followed after him.

Satan was soon there making a visit, seeking to get Adam and Eve to move from loving God

When God created man in the Garden of Eden, Satan was soon there making a visit, seeking to get Adam and Eve to move from loving God, etc. to loving themselves, etc. Read Genesis 3:1–19.

Ever since Adam and Eve began to sin, all their children have followed in their ways. God says so in Isaiah 53:6—

"All of us had wandered off like sheep; each of us had strayed off on his own path."

We started out by asking the question, "What's wrong with the world?" The men in the coffee shop were right. Selfishness and greed is the problem. But will we admit that it is our own personal problem and not just the world's problem, our friend's problem or our brother's problem?



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