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Lesson 3: Facts, Faith, Feelings



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1. Which is not vital to our lives?

    a) Facts.

    b) Fun.

    c) Faith.

    d) Feelings.

2. Feelings form the foundation; faith rests upon feelings; and fun comes last.

    a) True.

    b) False.

3. God created man and gave him

    a) a free will.

    b) a strong will.

4. Christ's death & resurrection are

    a) historical facts.

    b) based on feelings.

5. The resurrected Jesus was seen by

    a) over 500 people.

    b) over 50 people.

    c) over 100 people.

6. Faith is simply our acceptance of

    a) what we have read.

    b) God's facts.

    c) what our teachers tell us.

7. When a sinner believes and is saved,

    a) he rests on God's facts.

    b) he hopes it will turn out well.

    c) he will have good feelings.

8. Salvation is

    a) something we can hope for.

    b) accepting the fact of Christ's finished work.

    c) something we have to work at.

9. Feelings have a place in the Christian life.

    a) True.

    b) False.

10. Choose the answer that best describes you.

    a) I am not sure if I have salvation.

    b) I have trusted Christ as my Saviour from sin, but I still wonder if I am really saved.

    c) I have received Christ as my Saviour and I am resting on God's facts.

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