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Lesson 12: Keep Yourself Pure



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1. Christian teenagers are exempt from the problem of sex.

    a) True.

    b) False.

2. God has put His approval on sex within the marriage relationship but never apart from it.

    a) True.

    b) False.

3. The law of sowing and reaping is a fixed law of this universe. It applies

    a) in the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

    b) only in the physical realm.

    c) only to non-Christians.

4. Because God doesn't strike us down the minute we commit sin, it is easy to think we are getting away with it.

    a) True.

    b) False.

5. We should set our standards...

    a) by what others are doing.

    b) by the Word of God.

    c) by what we feel like doing at the moment.

6. Which answer does not belong. If you are a Christian,

    a) your body belongs to the Lord.

    b) you have been bought with a price—the precious blood of Christ.

    c) you have freedom to do what you want to do.

7. Christ can't control your life unless it has been committed to Him.

    a) True.

    b) False.

8. Which answer does not belong? The kids who figure "if something happens we can get married" need to understand that too often it can mean...

    a) broken-hearted parents.

    b) a sudden end to education.

    c) being saddled with the responsibilities of manhood and womanhood when they should be enjoying teenage life and fun.

    d) getting a good job while others still have to stay in school.

    e) winding up hating your wife or husband.

9. Which statement best describes you?

    a) I want to marry someone who is experienced and knows about sex first-hand.

    b) I think it is okay to have sex with someone if you really love them.

    c) I would like to marry someone who has kept himself/herself pure.

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